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  • [SPOILER]R.I.P. Glenn... you didn't deserve to go that way... image[/SPOILER]
  • I think I'm done with the comic, Kirkman will milk this for a year and I just don't have the patience to wait for resolution. (At least it's not as bad as GRRM and A Dance With Dragons - that's more a question of who will die first: him or me?)
  • RIP my Friend. I got the issue on comixology, and read it around 1:00PM EST. it is now 4:06PM, and my jaw is still on the floor. i keep reading it over and over, hoping that the pages will change, or I will see something in the artwork, or the wording that could give me hope that he will be alive, just really fucked up like when a 1/3 of Carl's face was blown off. Stlll praying, but I deep down I know he is gone. RIP Issue #2-100
  • i got my issue this afternoon on Comixology, then picking up a copy that will never be opened this weekend. Unless it's to get Kirkman to sign it, or TWD cast members. I also got the torrent with my CDisplay reader. I still can't pick my jaw up off the floor from what I saw hppen.
  • Well there goes my second to last favorite character. Carl, you're all I have left.
  • AppleWorm;638861 said:
    agree!!!! it was bad... maybe thats because I hated the Gov....either way issue 101 is too long away...
    About the same time that episode 3 of TT's game comes out. We need Rick to become like this again:
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