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In your first playthrough did you...

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...both chop off the teacher's leg, and side with Lilly in the meat locker? What were the exact circumstances behind each dilemma that you faced?

For an example, I will tell you what happened in MY first playthrough of episode 2. I didn't immediately chop off the teacher's leg. I first tried to hit the chain with the axe, and after that failed to do ANY visible damage, I then tried to pry open the trap by force. It was at this point Kenny said "Do something now or ..." (and I honestly don't remember EVERYTHING he said, because of the heat of the moment). At this point, I decided to chop off his leg. Three hits, leg was off, and I escaped with the teacher.

Fast forward to the meat locker, I chose to side with Kenny, for a multitude of reasons that would take TOO long to put here, but the least of which being that I felt that it was impossible to save Larry's life, and that every second exponentially increased the risk of him turning into a walker with us still trapped in the meat locker. Even then, I waited 'til the last possible second to finally click on Kenny.

I'm not going to include a poll, because I feel that is impossible to accurately capture EVERYONE'S specific reasoning behind their choices (not without using up the 50 option limit, anyway). With that said, please feel free to say WHY you did what you did, in both situations! I'm hoping to glean some insight on how morally consistent people are, and I think that these two situations are the closest I can get in game for comparison!

Also, please try to keep disagreements to a minimum - there are plenty of other threads in which already exist to argue about the finer parts of morality in the Walking Dead setting - all of which I would recommend if you are looking for a good time (or argument :D)! I'm really looking for more a statistical view of people, as opposed to WHY someone is right or wrong.

EDIT: Part 2, for those who chopped off the leg - did it occur to you that the teacher may die from blood loss later? Did it matter to you that he might have been dead either way?

Part 3 - What was your honest assessment at Larry's chance at life? If you had to give a percentage as to how sure you were that he could be revived, what would it be? Did that influence your decision to side with Lilly or not?

Part 4 - How many of you also gave Irene the gun in episode one? Explain why you did or did not allow her to kill herself.
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  • mark almost hammered the point home earlier in ep2 about larry being 300 pounds of muscle /piledriver so imo it was pretty obvious even with out being spoiled that larry was going to 'die'

    question: is it possible for larry to actually turn and attack you in that scene ?
  • I tried everything else before chopping off his leg. Hitting the trap, the chains, even tried to chop tree lol. Decided it was better to have him amputated rather than dieing by the zombies.

    In the meat locker I immediately choose kennys side because I wanted Larry gone for a looooong time anyway and feared if I chose helping Lilly might make Larry survive lol. I never feared him turning into a zombie, that was no reason for me. After my first playthrough I always side with Lilly because Larry will die either way (yay) and Kenny turns out to be an asshole.
  • In one of my Doug saves I chopped off the leg and sided with Kenny.
    In my other Doug save and my Carly save I chopped off the leg and sided with Lilly
  • I didn't try to open the trap because Mark said it was rigged so there was no way to open it. I tried hitting the chain a couple times and then went at the leg and got him out.

    I sided with Kenny in the meat locker because he was right. We couldn't take the chance in Larry turning and us being trapped in there with him. I'm looking out for the group (especially Clem) and if it means killing someone to keep us safe, then so be it. Easy choice for me.
  • I previously answered chopped off leg and sided with Kenny.

    It did occur to me he could die of blood loss from the amputated leg, however the trap was not coming off and the walkers were closing. Even if he had a 20% chance of surviving the amputation, he had a 0% chance of fighting off 10 walkers unarmed in a bear trap so at least chopping off his leg gave him a chance of life.
  • I left the teacher in the woods, I know this seems cold but he was done for anyway and I knew if we did save him he would be another liability in the group.( And I didnt want to chop his leg off LOL, that's just nasty!)
    However If there woulda been an option to shoot him b4 we left I would have.:D
  • I tried to free the teacher, but found that was not going to happen. So I just left him there, :eek: but not by my choice. If I was in that situation I would have put a bullet in his head because that's what I would want if it was me. Too bad we didn't have that option.

    I sided with Lily in the meat locker because she was there. Just seemed to cruel to murder her father right in front of her. Now if she wasn't in there with us I would have sided with Kenny and crushed his skull in and told her later that he turned before we whacked him. :D
  • i chopped the leg straight away, mark(i think) said the trap was modified and would take ages to take off plus i noticed straight away that it had a massive chain wrapped around a tree i figured it was the quickest way to save everybody( i wanted to help but didnt want to get anybody killed) and his leg was coming off anyway (no hospital + beartraps are brutal) i didnt think it would take more than one swing but still it was quick.

    i picked up the salt block and smashed larrys skull, because he was dead, we had been told we were all infected, and from previous experience i knew lerry could knock me and kenny out in 1 punch and he would be more dangerous as a zombie, i had a quick think about resuscitation (never really thought about it before) and i wasn't willing to test my theory that you may change the instant you die it just takes a while for you to get up, so it was to risky, and i thought i might have to kill or let them die if they knew my past (not Clementine but carly was gone) so it worked out.
  • Sisterofshane;637360 said:
    -Did you try to cut off the teacher's leg? (regardless of if you were successful or not!)

    -Did you end up saving the teacher, or did fiddling around mean you left the teacher to die?

    -Did you side with Lilly, or with Kenny in the meat locker?
    First playthrough i didnt try anything else, didnt see other options. So ya, i saved him.

    I sided with Lilly. I always try to play this game and make choices based on how i would have made them if i was there personally.
    So this is a telltale game, and they dont know enough anatomy, medicine and so on. So i guess anything is possible.
    But when Larry dropped from that heart attack, and he stopped breathing so fast (and no pulse?) he was gone. We are talking big shit heart attack.
    Even if you had 4 paramedics and a doctor there to handle medications he would maybe at best have a 5% chanse of survival.
    And in this situation we had no defibrillator that is always required to restart a heart.
    So what do you do? The safest thing would obviously be to bash his head in.
    Lilly knows as little anatomy/medicine as telltale do, and she is doing cpr wrong...
    So my decision is not about Larry at all.
    Even when you know its over, the only right thing to do in such a situation is to "try" and give Lilly time to understand that this is over.
    For those of you who dont get it, look up the word "empathy".
    You keep trying to give the familly and friends left behind time to understand that you tried, you did everything you could, but it wasnt possible to bring him or her back.
    I liked this scene in the game. Allthought telltale could have done some basic research.

    So for those of you who think the worse part of driving an ambulance is what you see. Brain, blood, liver, lung, heart or a combination of those. Its not.
    Its the familly sitting behind you when you try to revive a person.
    At some point you know its over, but they dont.
  • Sorry if this has been asked b4 but @ the beginning of EP1 after you shoot the cop. Is the person you yell out to for help Clem? It sure looks like her.:D
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