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the steam version episode 2 on my mac get stuck in a black screen

posted by davidraybridger on - last edited - Viewed by 409 users
Ive got it and beatin the first episode already and as many of you know episode 2 wont download on mac.....not unless u somehow sell your soul or something..but anyways, so ive been trying to get episode 2 working on steam and all it has is a blank black screen....i know there is other people who are having this problem and yall know steam is no very helpful and just says to contact TTG....ugh.....HELP?
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  • everytime i click on play under episode 2 section it just goes to a black screen...:(
  • This is happening to me as well, and I use a pc. Is there any fix for this?

    Also: Are you getting an axe icon in the side, ambient noises and music in the background and a crosshair on the screen? Becuase I'm getting this instead of episode 2.
  • Same problem here. But just a black screen. No ambient sounds or axe icon
  • Anybody find a fix for this yet?

    I finally got it downloaded and now nothing!
  • Telltale just sent me a solution for the black screen problem, and it worked for me. For the mac, go to your Walking Dead folder and rename it, instead of deleting it. The install path is ~/Library/Application Support/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead: rename this folder. Now launch and play episode 1 until it creates a save (after the car crash). Now take the last save from your renamed folder and replace the save located in your newly created The Walking Dead folder (this would be created automatically). Now, you should launch your game, load your save, and use the rewind feature to view the ending credits again so your choices will carry over into episode 2. Hope this helps.
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