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I lost my ted E Bear magnet.

posted by Mercury2142 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
Well, sucks to be me. I swear I left it in the envelope. I guess I was wrong =(
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  • wisp;62976 said:
    btw, i stack all my harddrives on a huge subwoofer box...i heard there's magnets in there too..
    The direct vibrations from your woofer can't be good for them either. Good luck with that situation.
  • That stupid magnet was the only thing that stopped me from buying a case file!

    ...well, that and I assumed that there wasn't going to be a Season 2 equivalent and felt bad for spoiling one season over the other.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    What was it about the magnet that stopped you from buying the case file?
  • A natural distrust for magnets around electronics. That's why I keep my Ted E. Bear magnet in a safe place and not in my case file. :p
  • *crosses fingers and hopes for a Bermuda Triangle Magnet*
  • Jake;63870 said:
    What was it about the magnet that stopped you from buying the case file?
    Magnets + Electronics = One scared SOB.

    In hindsight, I probably could've put it somewhere else, but I'm pretty sure I would've lost it.
  • those things weren't that strong's not like an emp from a nuclear bomb if you put thing on your computer. actually nothing happens at all, most pc-speakers are probably worse than the bear.
  • Dangerzone;63962 said:
    *crosses fingers and hopes for a Bermuda Triangle Magnet*
    nah wasn't in a Episode
  • I put my Ted E Bear magnet on the fridge, with all my other magnets. Closest piece of electronics (apart from the fridge) is the microwave.... I don't know what all that fear is about.

    In fact, the thing I need to make sure I keep away from magnets is my compass, otherwise it becomes pretty useless for navigation :)
  • yeah.. the only thing that magnets really affect are floppy discs and old cassettes... as well as crt monitors, but most modern electronics are impervious to magnets... magnets futzing up computers is just a myth

    same with the myths about cellphones, some 90's electronics were found to be sensitive to RF signals, (which is one reason why the airlines don't want you using phones on planes) but again, most modern electronics are now impervious to RF signals... the other reason for no cellphones on planes is cause they want you using the airphone and spending more cash on your calls

    personally... just between us, i always use my cell on planes, (Take that cooperate oppressors!) Aside from that one stint where our plane crashed on a remote island in the south pacific for a year and a half.... but that totally wasn't my fault, the guy next to me had *gasp* a laptop!!!
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