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  • CapnJay;620438 said:
    Come on Marley bring more to the table then that I mean you sound Like you have opinions and quite frankly it's a lil refreshing to have a new voice on the Pro Larry camp. We have a rising group of Doughboys. We got a Bevy Of BatteryPacks . We've got The K.I.Q.C.S and D.I.K.S. We got Duck Hunters , Moustache Riders, Plenty of Larry Lashers but very few are the Larry Loyalists and it freshens up the time we spend waiting for EP2 forming arguments.
    I would elaborate a lot more concerning my thoughts on Larry as well as the theme of The Walking Dead overall (Especially my comments about how far Rick would go). I'm just not sure how much I want to spoil, I'm also ignorant of the spoiler function on these forums, haha.

    Also, I wouldn't say I'm pro Larry, but I'm willing to bet he wouldn't agree with where Lilly ends up in the comics EDIT: (Which I believe would change the way many of you look at him as a character as well as his motives). Larry reminds me of another character from the comic books, and knowing where the series goes maybe gives me an unfair opinion on how well certain personalities seem to work in TWD's universe.

    If you can give me a quick tip on how to use the spoiler function I'd be glad to elaborate. I just don't want to possibly ruin a story this awesome for others that have yet to experience the books.
  • PRO-LARRY all the way =) He better live, im not going on kennys boat and ending up like the dawn of the dead guys.
  • Marleysativa;620426 said:
    Pretty shocked to see the wild accusations being thrown around in here about Larry, haha (Racist, Child Molester). He's obviously scared and trying to protect himself and his daughter. I'm actually curious if most of you know how far Rick would go to protect Lori and Carl.

    I'm not a fan but I understand him. I know why he did what he did. I was more disappointed in the choices available during that scene when you first encounter them in the pharmacy.

    It seems they're not going for a watered down story like the T.V. show is compared to the comic. If they stay true to it, I think a lot of your opinions will change about Larry.

    Also, hello, super late to the discussion.
    I love you.
  • Ohhh maaan I totally agree.

    They should let you just shoot him in the face!
  • Ever since Episode 1 and he punched Lee to leave him for dead, I have called him "Asshole Larry".

    All throughout Episode 2, I refused to call him simply "Larry" I called him Asshole Larry.

    Even after Lilly humanized him a bit.
  • Larry is a difficult person, but I don't actually hate him because of Lilly. Was shocked when he socked Lee in the face after we've saved his life, but he kinda redeemed himself after he helped save Lee during the zombie attack.
  • I hated him immediately since he was being so aggressive about Duck being bitten. Add that to the punch and him revealing he knew who Lee was, after I'd happily let Carley die to keep Lee's past a secret, and it meant I was always waiting for a chance for him to die.
  • I still hate him. Everytime I think about how he punched my Lee and left him for the walkers it makes me furious all over again. However, I did feel he didnt deserve to die the way he did and I felt horrible in the save where I chose to help Kenny kill him, but that was mostly because of Lilly and Clem.
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