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Places to go in Sam & Max: Season 3

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Well... since last season some were spot on, lets try this year.
I say they'll end up in the centre of Earth, maybe thy'll visit some HTR locations for nostalgia or maybe they will make a trip to the jungle.
A great thing would be seeing Other places in New York aside from their street, like partts full of people, likr in the comics
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  • I dont see why everyone wants to rehash HtR and the unreleased S+M:FP, I'd like to see completely new areas not in thoe games (certianly new ones not in HtR --- partly because though I own it, I'v enot played it)

    I love the idea of goign inside people's heads, maybe a boscotech mind-reader, where you enter the target's PoV and hear his thoughts as s/he looks (clicks) around hte room, perhaps even get information byy makign the target answer questions wiht answers not avalible when playing as sam.

    I'd like to see more time travel, revealing more of S+M's past. (also maybe some unusal and exotic locaitons like the prehistoric era, or even a chance to derail history minorly (preventing the crack in the liberty bell, having lady liberty become lord liberty (i.e. male statue instead of female) national bird becomes the Crow instead ofthe eagle, that sort of thing.

    a LARP! yes that's nerdy, but it woudl be funny to hear their commentary on the poorly-made homegrown costumes and the peopel running around pretending to be warriors and mages and clarics.

    Also, since it was referenced several times in Season 2 - the factory where they make elves!
  • i would like to learn more about Sam & Max's past as well, maybe play out there
    past or when they accidently mess up there future Sam has to fix the time stream
    Chariots of the Dogs
  • Sam and Max traveling to other worlds.
  • I'm still waiting for the krypton's retaliation attack for max shooting a ICBM at their planet...
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    Inside Max's head.
  • Sam & Max <--> Psychonauts ?
  • Wouldn't it be cool to go in the grand canyon, where there are guys who work to dig it?
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    A shooting range
  • A shooting range
    For sam and max, everyplace is a shooting range ;) lol
  • I've always wanted Sam and Max's Desoto to hit a Radioactive truck, and them to gain superpowers.

    There are two ways to implement this:
    A button similar to Reality 2.0 goggles button which would turn on/off superpowers.
    An actual cheat 'Ctrl+A' which in itself would be a joke of its own.

    They would break into a superhero academy thing.
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