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Smilie insertion...

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Heh, what a funny subject title. Anyway...

When you click a smilie in a post reply window, it throws the quote of the message you're replying to below the smilie, or the img code, etc, for that matter....

This is in Opera- not sure if Firefox or IE are doing the same thing, since i'm too busy studying (as you can see) to check..

Also, I wonder if phpbb ( would be a better option than these forums- much more power and features sitting
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    :) :( :D :)) :(( ;) [:">] :p B-) :x :-/ [>:)]
    what do you mean?

    are you talking about when you hold your mouse over the smiley it gives you a description?
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    No. In Opera (not sure about firefox), it inserts the quote after the smilie, for no reason, and the same goes with the other interface buttons.

    I can live with it, since it's a forum bug by mvn, but it's just slightly annoying...
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    And don't even try to post with Konqueror on KDE... the moment you hit the spacebar it deletes all you've written so far...

    Firefox works fine for me - on Debian and Win2000.
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