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Was The Mark meat even needed?

posted by Dr Lance VanBoobenHousen BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
they had a lot of cheese, a feild full of corn and veg. so was it even nessasery to cut off that 4 eyed assholes legs and serve them up? they could have just served a huge salad? and THAT ladies and germs is why i killed them, both of them
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  • Your a moron.

    The Real reason that serving Mark meat is unnecessary because they have boxes of meat in the meat locker. Lee can comment on it. If that meats tainted why not throw it out if it's not tainted why not serve it?
  • I think they ate Mark because they could - they prey on the injured after all, not the dying as they claim.

    On the other hand, perhaps they wanted fresh meat and not frozen. Either way, the entire thing was totally unnecessary. *is sick*
  • it's always arrogance that causes the downfall
  • I wonder if they were cannibals before the Zombie Apocalypse and were just using it to justify their sick actions?:mad:
  • Possible. Who knows, really? There are a lot of strange things happening in this world. It just wasn't discussed in the game. Not sure if there were hints of it in the comic books.
  • ozzmann wrote: »
    I wonder if they were cannibals before the Zombie Apocalypse and were just using it to justify their sick actions?:mad:

    I'd ask them, but I made sure all 3 of them died like the little pigs they were. NO ONE EATS MY PEOPLE! Someone else's people, fine, but not mine!
  • I can see how it would work in a way. Obviously, the more you have the better off you are, if they were to heal up mark and let him go back to the group that would be less meat for them. Now over time, eventually the group would get mad and begin to worry about what is really going on with why Mark has not been seen. After all it was an arrow to the shoulder, not half his body being removed and put back together.

    If they feed Mark to the group, perhaps they felt they could persuade them in a way, that "the meat wasnt so bad after all" and allow them to make the group understand sometimes it is for the best to kill and eat others.

    Just my thought on it.
  • so the st johns used mark as the 'sacrificial lamb' and thus being part of the group they where all hungry so the only option left to lee's group was to follow the st johns waste not want not ethic...

    like some wild animals the weak are eaten.

    i dunno where it was i saw 'heard' it but cannabalism changes a persons mindset i suppose akin to drug addicts, common sense goes out the window and these freaks can only see the next fix maybe the stored meat is animal meat but because of their new mission statement for eating human flesh they have forgotten about it as they prefer humans...
  • I am guessing they just saw the opportunity and went for it, instead of just leaving him which could end up with him dying and the 'meat' going to waste.
  • brenda emphasized the injured/people who will die anyway..

    but all the fuss they make and the supplies they use to keep him alive after chopping his legs off is actually more work and effort than just taking the arrow out packing the wound and sewing it up...

    which imo is not 'smart/intelligent' and legs do not grow back if they did we would not have amputies / a need for prosthetic limbs....
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