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Steam Sale Spotlight

posted by Chyron8472 on - last edited - Viewed by 77.3K users
Hereupon exists a place to discuss current Steam Spotlight deals and your opinion of the games' value and/or the sale price.
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  • Chyron8472;642752 said:
    What about it? I've not had many issues with it at all. It's Vista that has problems, Windows 7 works fine.
    Well, besides my issue which was something else with my GPU, there seemed to be OEM issues with the Windows 7 install and many games for many people just will not work properly or at all. Arkham City was the big one that brought the issue front and centre. Apparently, the issue is with the Windows installation and reinstalling it fixes the problem(albeit a pain in the ass).

    Other than game issues, I haven't really heard many problems with it once you get used to it.
  • Thanks for not derailing the thread guys!

    New Flash Deals:
    Galactic Civilizations Ultimate 75% off
    Max Payne 3 50% off
    (Don't buy this mess at this price unless you like depressing movies, because this is one)
    Everything Red Faction: Armageddon 75% off
    Portal Franchise 75% off

    Congratulations TellTale: The Walkming Dead won the community vote with 43%.
    If you think about getting Max Payne 3 and don't own this then get TWD. It's just like Max Payne but with less cutscenes and without annoying on screen effects.
  • Hey, everything that wasn't game related is gone... pretty much. Not much was going on for Steam deals this evening here, lots of repeats.
  • Johro;642840 said:
    Not much was going on for Steam deals this evening here, lots of repeats.
    2 repeats, 3 new.:D
  • Including daily deals? I was watching them and not posting because I was pretty sure I've seen all the good ones before(good being a general consensus, not just games I like). I could be wrong. Red Faction is new I think though.
  • I like how Krater defines the offline single player mode as a core feature. Oh Blizzard. Just look at the mess you made.
  • ...and The Walking Dead will be back on for 40%. These updates are kind of pointless though. Really, anybody who actually cares is watching the store and not this. Oh well, we're all just sheep I suppose.
  • I really like watching this thread.
    Opinions on games, I get the sales here faster if steam is crawling at the speed of 10 snails etc.
    Also here I see what I am missing in the German Steam store or if I get a really bad price because I am not in the US.
  • Okay, now it's down to business. Amanita Collection 75% off. If for some weird reason, you don't have it, BUY IT PEOPLE(and I meant during this sale, I know this thread has a purpose).
  • Johro;642845 said:
    Red Faction is new I think though.
    It's not.

    New vote: Demigod, Splinter Cell: Conviction and The Last Remnant. Eh.

    New Flash deal: The Aminita bundle. Botaniculam, Machinarium (and its OST) and Samorost2. Usual 75%.

    Doing this thread actually give me something to do. I find myself very bored lately, just sitting around not knowing what to do with myself. This is one of the few things I somewhat look forward to. God my life is lame.
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