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About Larry...

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Do you miss him as a character? Perhaps he was hostile towards Lee, but I personally felt such a character was both necessary and beneficial to the storyline.

But perhaps his death was in fact necessary, in order to gain a closer relationship to Lilly/Kenny.

What do you think? Please vote and share your comments.
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  • I figured he was going to die, but I didn't think it would be so early (honestly thought they would have left it to episode four or even five).

    He was such a polarizing figure, he would have been a great source of conflict just by being there. Now we have deal with more of Lilly and Kenny, neither one of which I am prepared to start hating as much as I did with Larry.
  • Larry seemed to be the natural choice for the "off a survivor before he turns scene". I'd become used to thinking of Kenny as the heart of the group and Lilly as the head - so of course we have to have a scene where Kenny has to be the cold, hard-assed survivalist and Lilly has to deal with a huge emotional blow.
  • imo larry dying in ep2 was perfect timing

    other wise he would just be repeating his dialogue in ep1 and ep2 he hates lee he wants him dead blah blah etc

    he had one direction one goal one view imo he would of been 'boring to talk to and watch' best to die sooner and allow more characters in..than get stale and put people off..
  • I wanted him to die in episode one when he punched me out and left me for dead in front of Clementine but I will say I wouldnt have chosen to have his head smashed in in front of Clem and his own daughter. Even Larry didnt deserve that.
  • Even if I hated him I didn't want him to die. On one of my Doug saves I sided with Kenny since I sided with him from the start so I want to see how that turns out. On save 2 Doug save I sided with Lilly and on my Carly save I sided with Lilly.

    However we could of revived him but Kenny killed him right away. I didn't think he should of died but he is a risk to the group since he does have health problems.
  • What larry was going to say when he came back "you saved my life lee thank you let's follow your lead."

    Not Really
  • In a game like this, someone always must die. And Larry was the natural first choice selection.
    However, if it wasnt for the drugstore incident, i like the guy.
    Since 3 months passed, i am going to guess that Larry and Lee talked it over and gave their relationship a new chanse.

    Someone is also going to drop in episode 3.
    I am guessing Ben is the most probable.
    But it could also be Carley or maybe even Katjaa.
  • Since Larry is / was a fictional character, I usually don't go that deep into thoughts like that.

    Anyhow, exceptional circumstances or not, I think it was Larry's own fault for not considering his heart condition at all. If I had been in his place, having gone through the drugstore scene where it wasn't certain whether I'd get my nitroglycerin pills or not, I would have reconsidered if flying into a fury on a regular basis is a smart thing to do - especially if my only sense in life left is protecting my daughter who, on a side note, keeps telling me that I have to calm down.
  • Speaking of Larry, I heard in the upcoming Kirkman's novel: The Road to Wood bury. Lilly's father is named Everett Ray Caul and he dies by sacrificing himself to save her. I have to say this is a better ending then having your head smashed. But to answer the question, I voted no.
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