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The First Video Game You Ever Played?

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The very first one you've played -- or at least remember playing? Looking for non-kiddie stuff here -- the first REAL video game, with a dedicated story and non-educational entertainment and such?

For me, it was Starship Titanic. Funny game, great design, weird logic. I finally beat it only about a year ago after an enormous pause. This was shortly followed by Grim Fandango, which I was also clueless at. Didn't even get past the second year until I revisited it so long after my first tries at it -- and I had to be helped to even accomplish that.

Weird games for a three or four year old to play, though. X_x Hehe, to explain, they were my brother's, and I borrowed them for some . . . reason I can't remember. He's just under 10 years older than me -- probably he just showed them to me so I wouldn't bother him while he played Playstation or something.

Whenever I was done I'd play a Sesame Street thing or something. I don't know.

/life story

So what's the first non-kiddie game you remember playing? Not looking for any arguments on what really constitutes a "non-kiddie game," and you should know what I mean by that.
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  • The ultimate look of betrayal.
  • divisionten;615732 said:
    Let me put my two cents in and say I love Gamestop.

    Weird, inorite?

    But these guys were my heroes. I'm legally blind; born that way. When I was in 5th grade, my ophthalmologist told me to start playing video games. Yes, really. This was 15+ years ago, before the idea that video games could, you know, actually help people became a mainstream idea.

    We go into a Gamestop and pick out something age appropriate that I could also handle. Pokemon Red. A magnifying lens. And I was going to get my brother's old brick of a Gameboy from 1987 plus his original copies of Tetris and Mario. Turns out the mag lenses wouldn't fit; they were only built to clip on the slimmer Game Boy Pockets.

    When the manager heard why my mom was getting this stuff, he told us the clip wouldn't fit. My mom wasn't about to drop another 100$ to buy a system, too.

    The manager gave me a gently used red Game Boy pocket that didn't have a battery casing (it had been used as an in-store display). On the house. I still have it.

    Respect, man.
    From another thread... TWD, I believe.
  • I think the first game I ever played was either Pacman or Ms. Pacman on our Tandy 1000. If not that then it was probably something from the Tandy Color Computer 3. Games like Pooyan, Zaxxon. Adventures came not long after, though. I started very young. Like 3 or something, so I don't really remember.
  • I'm pretty sure my earliest video game-related memories are of this:
  • I've played this since I was the littlest tiniest baby, although I was never the tiniest baby. It was more than just my favorite non-kiddie game, it was my first video game ever.


    eeyup. And it's still my favorite. According to the media I should be a serial killer or something. I'm a pacifist
  • Hmm... first game. I think it was either Treasure Mountain, or the first Prince of Persia game. My memories of back then are a little fuzzy. :P
  • Remolay;644179 said:

    According to the media I should be a serial killer or something. I'm a pacifist
    Mine was Mortal Kombat so I should be on a rampage beheading ppl! that would be soo cool why did the media lie about that!
  • First video game ever played: Adventure for Atari 2600

    First adventure game ever played: King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, SCI version for PC

    ...second adventure game ever played: The Secret of Monkey Island, EGA version for PC.
  • My first exposure to adventure games was watching my older brother play Space Quest IV. The first adventure game I ever played myself was Day of the Tentacle.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    My first adventure game was either Space Quest II on PC or Maniac Mansion on the NES (Probably SQII since we had our PC in the late 1980's and Maniac Mansion NES didn't come out until 1990). I know for sure Maniac Mansion was the first adventure game I ever completed though :) (with a little help from Nintendo Power magazine ;)).
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