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So, what if NOBODY knows Lee's secret now? [SPOILERS]

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If you remember, Carley and Larry were the only ones who knew about Lee's secret.

Well Larry's dead, and if you saved Doug, nobody knows.

Except Clementine, who you might not have even told at all.

What do you guys think?
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  • Vainamoinen;644321 said:
    There are ample reasons not to tell a suspected murderer in his face that you know about his past.
    Uh..Like Carley did.
  • carley had a gun and clem was behind lee

    carley was pretty safe for the next few minutes (if you go doug)
  • Milosuperspesh;644327 said:
    carley had a gun and clem was behind lee

    carley was pretty safe for the next few minutes (if you go doug)
    Did you notice that when she confronted Lee about the truth and was like "don't make me regret this." that lee took a step towards her. I thought that was kinda...intimidating.

    given the topic at hand.
  • Someone is bound to know across the story, remember that there's more people involved in the story and they might've seen the news or something.
    Although, i'm sure they could understand since it was because the senator was sleeping with Lee's wife, maybe Lee's wife will make an appearance.
  • They are in the area of the prison Lee was going to so someone there must have seen his file also with nothing better to do but survive and gossip I sure the story of the man who killed a senator would be passed around, e.g. I knew his mother, I was a student/tutor at his university as it would have been the last big news story before the world ended.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The_Cheshire_Cat;644323 said:
    Uh..Like Carley did.
    Let's just say she doesn't handle stress very well. ;)
  • lee was in a tight spot if carley was going to tell all to the group lee had to show his hand by saying i can take you.. with out your gun your nothing yeah he did show some intimidation there..
  • Vainamoinen;644339 said:
    Let's just say [Carley] doesn't handle stress very well. ;)

    The impression that I got from Carley was that she understood more about Lee's crime than the average person, having followed it from a journalist's perspective. It makes me believe that Lee was probably involved in a crime of passion, as opposed to a cold, calculating murder.

    It's also probably why she felt safe in approaching Lee about his past - she doesn't take him to be "dangerous" - but she does give him a warning. And she has the gun, so it would probably be wise for Lee to listen to her advice (not that it matters very long if you choose to save Doug instead of her :)).
  • I think you guys are all correct. I mean, if Carley knew because of her reporting, definitely someone else could very well know. My Lee 'walker'through is somewhat open and somewhat hesitant about sharing his past. For Clementine, I told her that it was complicated.
  • The_Cheshire_Cat;644274 said:
    LOL. Yeah but that was before everything went to hell.
    it was before everything went to hell, but everyone hated congress anyway, so it's ok :p

    I think if it comes out, how the rest of the group reacts should be based off your choices in the first two episodes (i.e. - you always backed Kenny, saved Duck, gave his family food, etc, then he won't care about your past as you've already proven you can be trusted; versus you making the opposite choices and Kenny making a big deal about your past when he finds out).
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