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The First Video Game You Ever Played?

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The very first one you've played -- or at least remember playing? Looking for non-kiddie stuff here -- the first REAL video game, with a dedicated story and non-educational entertainment and such?

For me, it was Starship Titanic. Funny game, great design, weird logic. I finally beat it only about a year ago after an enormous pause. This was shortly followed by Grim Fandango, which I was also clueless at. Didn't even get past the second year until I revisited it so long after my first tries at it -- and I had to be helped to even accomplish that.

Weird games for a three or four year old to play, though. X_x Hehe, to explain, they were my brother's, and I borrowed them for some . . . reason I can't remember. He's just under 10 years older than me -- probably he just showed them to me so I wouldn't bother him while he played Playstation or something.

Whenever I was done I'd play a Sesame Street thing or something. I don't know.

/life story

So what's the first non-kiddie game you remember playing? Not looking for any arguments on what really constitutes a "non-kiddie game," and you should know what I mean by that.
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  • I believe my very first adventure game was Kings Quest, but I could be wrong. The one I really remember was the Insult Sword Fighting from Monkey Island, but when I tried the KQ1Remake it did bring back memories, so...
  • I remember my parents getting KQ4 for our PC when I was a kid, and that was after we moved to Tulsa from Oklahoma City (which happened after my first grade year).

    While we still lived in OKC, I remember playing on the Atari (of which we had over a dozen games), and my first game to play on it was probably either Adventure or Tank-Plus.

    I also remember my aunt and uncle getting a computer after my family got one, and one of the games they got with it was the EGA version of SoMI. I played it at their house, and some years later obtained the diskettes from them since they didn't play it.

    The funny thing is, I played KQ6 (on diskette at a neighbor kid's house) before playing KQ5, and I didn't play Monkey Island 2 until it came included on the Monkey Island Madness CD that was bundled with CoMI.

    Although my family did have an Atari 2600, my mom also took my sister and me to a burger place ("Big Al's") nearby where she would play a Star Wars arcade game (the sit-down one). I didn't play that because it was too hard. Anyway, I'm not sure which, between the Atari or the Star Wars game, has an earlier memory.
  • I honestly can't remember. I know that it was one of several games though. It was either Let's Explore the Rainforest with Buzzy, Next Step Mars!, or Super Mario Bros.

    Yes, I did play Mario without a console. I'm just that good. Nah, I just always played it at my babysitter's house.
  • I played Mario before I had a console too. The Mario Bros. arcade game. It sucked, but I did play it.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Johro;644639 said:
    I played Mario before I had a console too. The Mario Bros. arcade game. It sucked, but I did play it.
    I quite like the Mario Bros. arcade game. I prefer Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. more, but Mario Bros. was a pretty solid platformer in the days before side scrolling. And the SMB All-Stars style remake of Mario Bros. that comes with the Super Mario Bros. series remakes for GBA is ace. I got my money's worth just on how much I played that game alone. :)
  • Im pretty sure Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game I ever played. I owned about 8 games on sega genesis and I don't remember the day I got any of them or in what order I got them but the first game I can remember playing was Sonic the Hedgehog.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    This thread is like carbon dating for the gaming community. :p

    I'm pretty sure that one weekend when I was maybe 5 or 6, Dad borrowed an NES from someone and we played Duck Hunt. I don't have any kind of emotional attachment to that game since it was just a one-off thing, but it was obviously out-of-the-ordinary enough to make an impression if I remember it so many years later.

    A couple of years after that we got our first PC. Paratrooper was possibly the first game I touched on that. This one warrants a screenshot:


    First adventure game was KQIV I think, followed by Hugo's House of Horrors.

    One thing that stands out from looking at the release dates for these games: everything took forever to get to Australia!
  • My first adventure game was Hugo 2 followed closely by Police Quest 3(Gee, take a wild guess what year we bought our first computer).
  • puzzlebox;646477 said:

    A couple of years after that we got our first PC. Paratrooper was possibly the first game I touched on that. This one warrants a screenshot:

    That vaguely reminds me of playing Missile Command for Atari.
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    I started with "serious" gaming at the age of 4 :D
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