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Mac controls

posted by Ace Face on - last edited - Viewed by 210 users
I'm waiving my noob flag right now and swear I searched for an answer before I posted.

I have an XBOX controller for my Mac but the game doesn't recognize it, am I doing something wrong? I ask because the control options show an XBOX controller.

Got the game direct from telltale, I guess that's relevant since I see people mention steam version when they talk about control issues.

If it simply doesn't currently support a gamepad is there any chance it will in an update? I don't want to using a mapping app.
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  • Make sure that you use the preference pane and your mac controller is showing up. Then start the game with the controller on and don't let it disconnect. Do not use the mouse or the keyboard, just use the controller. I do this and it has worked fine. 360 controller on mac is awesome.
  • Telltale has said that they currently do not support any gamepads with the mac as of right now. I hope this will be fixed by an update.
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