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ITT: We discuss anime. AKA, the weaboo thread.

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I didn't notice a thread directly related to anime general, so I thought I'd create one. What's the last anime you people watched and what did you think of it? For me, it was...


Horrifying, disturbing, enthralling. I don't recommend it to anyone with a weak stomach by any stretch of the imagination, but if you can handle, say, Tokyo Gore Police or something, then I recommend it.

The last broadly recommendable anime I saw, of course, is the ever enjoyable...


Tatami Galaxy.

visceral, fast paced, surreal. The things this anime gets right are legion and far too numerous to list in their entirety, but the art and story certainly stand out. To say that it's the best anime of the past five years is damning it with faint praise. It's really of sufficient quality to match the depth and craftsmanship of some of the 90's higher quality anime.

Go, my fellow weebs!
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  • DAISHI;645120 said:
    That's cool. I'm waiting for a hot chick to get back for more drinks.
    Hey, that's fine. I'm about to wish my beautiful fiance a good night.
  • I can't bring myself to have such strong feelings about either FMA.

    On the topic of more recent series, the show Another was good if you like horror/occult/mystery type things. It's sort of hard to give a plot summary without giving massive spoilers so I'll refrain.

    Trailer (untranslated...)
    the VO is...
    Girl: You should be careful. It may have already begun.
    Text in quotes: "Who is the dead one?"
    Girl: See you, Sakakibara-kun.
  • A trailer for the new Evangelion film. Apparently, the film is about pianos ;)
  • Woodsyblue;645300 said:
    A trailer for the new Evangelion film. Apparently, the film is about pianos ;)
    And yet, I'll still end up watching it.
  • Geez, considering how much longer they're taking with the third one, you'd expect SOMETHING out of them. Somehow I think they're just gonna end up tagging a new, half-***ed ending on the third one and calling it good enough.

    Finished up three new shows(new to me anyways) so I'll go over them in reverse order of when I finished, which is actually also ranked from the one I liked the least to the one I liked the most.

    Sankarea: Brief summary, main character loves zombies. Everything about them. To the point where it's a fetish and he wants a zombie girlfriend. He found a book with some kind of resurrection potion, and he intends to experiment on his recently deceased kitty cat. He meets a girl called Rea who agrees to help him. Pros: Really interesting story, characters(for the most part), and the themes are nice too. Cons: Rea's step-mother's actions towards Rea don't make a lot of sense to me as she claims to have never been treated as a mother, yet any time Rea is shown to be attempting to reach out to her, she's a world-class master ***** that can't stop drinking. The show ends after 12 episodes and 1 "prequel" OVA, and it needs to be continued badly. Perhaps they stopped to allow more of the manga to be written rather than BS their way towards an ending(looking at you FMA, Hellsing, Negima). If that's so, then I hope for season 2.

    Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, or Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Teichi Niiya is exploring the abandoned rooms in a deserted part of his school when he discovers Yuuko Kanoe. He's never seen her and tries to find out about her only to discover that she is a ghost and can't remember the events of her death. Teichi founds(or co-founds since it's Yuuko's idea) a Paranormal Investigations Club to try and get down to what caused her death, all the while dealing with Yuuko's...ahem, attention towards him. Pros: Fantastic storyline, great characters, and awesome music. This show made me really care for these characters and what was going to happen next for(and to) them. That said, there are a lot of heartbreaking moments that really got to me, which I love. And the opening, ending, and the insert song(ep. 8&12) are awesome. Cons: SOME people will hate the ending with a passion, whereas I enjoyed it. The man thing I didn't like? It ended. I wanted more.

    Fate/zero: The longest show on this list at 25, Fate/zero is a prequel to the series Fate/stay Night. Both were originally visual novels, but both did deviate from certain parts of the novels that were a bit on the risque side. Fate/zero tells the story of the 4th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City. The wars center on seven Masters and their Servants, powerful heroes of ages past summoned into the world to compete for the Holy Grail which can grant any wish. Each Master and Servant has their own reasons for seeking it or even fighting at all. Pros: The animation is excellent, the characters are intriguing and compelling, the story kept me drawn in to what would happen next, the music(both vocal and instrumental) was fantastic. This was another anime that made me really care for these characters and not wanting terrible things to happen to them despite knowing that terrible things HAVE to happen to them. Cons: The biggest con I have for this is that after watching it, it's really hard to watch Fate/stay night, and that's sad considering how much I loved F/sn. But the animation is almost TOO good, the story is TOO good. That is honestly a downside to anyone who watches Fate/zero first. Also, certain things are inevitably known because of Fate/stay Night, and that can lessen the impact a little, but there are also little touches that directly tie to F/sN that anyone who hasn't seen it won't pick up on.

    And that's all folks! I do recommend checking these shows out if you can.
  • Rather Dashing;647418 said:
    She INSISTS that I watch anime with her.


    Actually no, no I'm not. But I'll let him force me to watch Star Was with him next time.
  • Oh god, is this how everyone feels around ComradeMortis and I?
  • Comrade Pants;647508 said:
    Oh god, is this how everyone feels around ComradeMortis and I?
    Nonono.... I force Dashing to watch anime with me.
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