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Since Episode two was set three months after the first episode, do you think we will get any flashbacks of the events between episodes.
Or do you think we will get a flashback to before episode one, in which we see the extent of Lee's crimes, his arrest or his trial.
I think it would be pretty cool if we did get flashbacks (whether they be playable, or not), but I don't think we will, purely because it's canonical to the comic, and the comics don't really have any flashbacks, apart from the beginning of the second trade paperback. Flashbacks would really help us to flesh out the backstories of characters, and it would be interesting to see if it affected the way people played, due to characters' previously unseen actions.
I just hope that they don't end up using flashbacks as a deus ex machina in order to navigate some tricky plot situations.
How would you feel about the incorporation of flashback sequences into the game?
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  • Lees murder is really useless info now I wish people stopped talking about it.
  • jangjangchang;645413 said:
    Lees murder is really useless info now I wish people stopped talking about it.


    Except if lee faces his (ex)wife or someone directly involved with the murder. Nobody will care what really happened. Because you are sentenced to jail. So it most likely not an accident.

    What I do concern about is how trustworthy you look if you killed carly and Larry.
  • Flashbacks are a crutch. No.
  • We won't be getting any flashbacks. It would be cool if they released something with the retail copy, like some flashbacks.
  • i prefer the current form of finding out via conversations with carly and or lee's dreams (ep1 hershals barn)

    flashbacks have no place in this game they will ony confuse the player ruin the flow of the game..

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