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Star Trek... the Next Thread

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**IRISHMILE EDIT** ok here is your Star Trek thread instead of talking about it on the Kings Quest section.. Enjoy.. we will now return to your previous conversation.............

I'd surely like to ignore the last Star Trek movie (what kind of writer destroys "Romulus and Remus" in an offscreen/minor incident, rather than focusing on it as a major movie in its own right/Why ignore 60 years of Star Trek time travel mechanics? I.E. if you change time, your previous timeline ceases to exist/paradox created, I.E. City on the Edge of Forever (Original Series), Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG) or Past Tense on DS9, etc, thus the need for Temporal Prime Directives, and an agency that monitors for changes in the timeline?)

...or the last episode of Enterprise...

Oh well... unfortunately all future Star Trek shows and movies will take those into account... Nothing I can do about it...
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  • If you came at the movie as a die-hard Star Trek fan, it came across as too generic.
    If you came at the movie as a newcomer, it came across as too nerdy.
    If you came at the movie wanting two hours of space-themed fun, YOU WON.
  • Darth Marsden;645448 said:
    If you came at the movie as a die-hard Star Trek fan, it came across as too generic.
    But I am a die-hard Trek fan. I'm a fan of the shows (all but TOS), and all the even numbered movies (plus Star Trek 3) and the reboot. In fact, I'd seen the reboot at least 4 times while it was still in the theater; and if any episode (besides TOS or the ENT finale) were on TV when I was surfing channels, I'd stop and watch it.

    When I watch the reboot, I watch it as a fan who feels he knows these characters. As a result, the story is made all the more fun when we get to see how the characters play off each other in their own characteristic ways, and especially, as I noted earlier, when aspects of these characters are explored more in depth in ways that totally make sense, and yet give me the feeling of "I hadn't thought about it that way before."

    In fact, now that you mention it, I find The Original Series to be too generic, which is mainly why I don't like it. Sure, it was good for its time, but many of the episodes' plots are loose copies of each other.

    I don't bring my fandom into real life (ie. Trekkie), but I love Trek for the stories and most of all for the characters and their relationships with each other.

    This is why I don't understand the hate for Enterprise. To watch Malcolm Reed and how his need for military order clashes with the other crew members; T'Pol dealing with emotion (others' and her own) and her growing relationship with Trip; Hoshi's fears that come from exploring the unknown; and Phlox's crazy alien medical ideas. The character relationships gets you invested in what happens to them and further interested in the overall story.

    I'm thinking that the reason why many people complain about Trek is because people like to complain; not because there's actually anything wrong with the shows or the reboot.
  • That's weird, that last post has everything that I would have said in it. I have to admit though I doubt I could have said it that well.
  • I am a die-hard Trekkie, as are a few of my friends, and we all loved the movie. In fact, the only people I know that didn't like the reboot are all on the internet.
  • I just started watching The Cage/The Menagerie for the first time.


    I really really like it. I like Pike, I like his crew, and I like the story. I think it gets too much criticism. Sure, Spock is different, and Pike's crew is a prototype for Kirk's, but I still like it. It has some really good dialogue.

    I wish Obsidian would do a ST RPG.
  • The problem with The Cage doesn't have to do with the episode itself, but more that, if you watch it first, before The Menagerie, then the latter feels artificially made into a 2-parter.

    Granted, that's basically what it really is, but it's more obvious what's been done.
  • I watched the version narrated before and after by Gene Roddenberry that switches randomly from black and white to color. Dunno if that's the only version or not.
  • I seem to recall there was a version that had the whole episode in colour. Might be on the Blu-Ray.
  • Darth Marsden;645949 said:
    I seem to recall there was a version [of The Cage] that had the whole episode in colour. Might be on the Blu-Ray.

  • It's also on the last disk of the third season of the remastered original series.

    Why the third season? Beats me.
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