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Gritty Reboot

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First poster names a franchise, then the next one thinks up a description of a gritty reboot of it, and say another franchise, etc.

I'll start...

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  • Robot Jones is sent to high school to acquire human knowledge to prepare for the robot uprising. Only one human female will be spared, Shannon Westerburg. She instead will be converted into a robot so she may live forever.

    Gullah Gullah Island
  • Binyah Binyah Polliwog mutates into Godzilla and kills everyone. The end.

    Winnie the Pooh
  • After Winnie can no longer get a buzz from his honey addiction he moves onto *drug of your choice*... also Tigger eats Piglet.

    I Wonder What Happens In Tales Of Monkey Island
  • Guybrush divorces Elaine after she starts drinking to much. Eliane, in retaliation, shoots Guybrush in the head.

    Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Dexter is bullied at school, but even more so by Mandark, the one brainy kid that even bullies don't pick on. When Dexter creates a mechanized exo-suit to give him added strength to fight back against the constant bullying, he is suddenly the hero of the school and Mandark is now seen for the charlatan he is. Mandark snaps and creates his own technological marvels and breaks into Dexter's house. He begins to destroy the laboratory where Dexter created his exo-suit, and Dexter's sister Dee Dee tries to stop him. Dexter returns home to find his lab in ruins with his sister dying. Dexter then makes a vow to stop Mandark, no matter the cost.

    The Last Starfighter.
  • The kid dies of blood clotting before the military guys can recruit him to fight the aliens, therefore the world as we know it is obliterated.

    Samurai Jack
  • Jack goes back to the past and finds Aku has begun taking over and has turned the world evil leaving Jack alone to fight.

    Batman The Brave & The Bold
  • All the villains from the Nolanverse and from the Arkham Trilogy replace the childish ones in TB&TB, prompting Batman to become like Kevin Conroy.

    My Little Pony
  • (Just so you know, I'm doing this one without any knowing anything about this show except characters so please excuse if I screw this up.)

    Fluttershy gets sick of being shy, decides to take over and captures the others. She rules with an iron fist as Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie lead a resistance against their former friend.

    Sonic X
  • Dr. Robotnik kills all of Sonic's friends (especially Chris), leaving Sonic alone to fight him.

    The Simpsons
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