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The Legendary General Art Thread

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Well, we've got a Sam & Max Fanart Thread, a Monkey Island Fanart Thread, so why not a thread for art in general? We've obviously got a lot of talented artists on the Telltale forum, and it would be a shame to just restrict them to showing us just their Sam & Max and Monkey Island art. So if you've got any awesome art that you're proud of and want to share with us, post it here! It doesn't have to be an art piece of games, it could be movie art, art inspired by books, inspired by songs, art of bands or musicians, or something completely random; it can be of anything - as it is a place for art in general. So yeah, share, show us what you've got!
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  • StrongBrush1;645018 said:
    TypH, dude...

    Do you have a DeviantArt account? Because those drawings are AWESOME.
    thanks StrongBrush, glad you like the artwork :D, and yes I do it is I don't have anywhere near all my artwork on there though, I spend most of my time going on forums and posting art that way, i also have a facebook fan page which can be found at
  • My point still stands, that specific picture is no where in the Minecraft resources.
  • Sam&Max Freelance Police fan art, I wasn't sure what kind of piece I was going to make for them, but after thinking for a bit and doing up a couple of rough sketches, I knew I had to do the scene with them on the car from the intro of the cartoon, I hope you all enjoy it!
  • :( But it's cropped!
  • Yes, its a small portion cropped from the higher res version of the artwork.

    I.E. the higher res artwork is the original artwork. The version in minecraft is just a cropped portion of the original artwork in much lower resolution.

    As its states on the link I gave above the images were taken from paintings by Krisotoffer Zetterstrand, and he was the one who created ingame paintings as well;
    There currently are 26 paintings in version 1.2.5. These are mostly based on paintings by Kristoffer Zetterstrand, who also created the Minecraft versions.


    The link I gave shows the ingame paintings by Kristoffer Zetterstrand, and his paintings he based them on.
  • I'm just confused why you posted the original which isn't immediately recognizable instead of the one that is actually in the game.
  • Hello, I've wanted to share this. But I've had no one to share it with.

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    Jennifer Moderator
    hangingwithmonkeys;646218 said:
    Hello, I've wanted to share this. But I've had no one to share it with.

    Really nice. I like the way the Tardis looks like it's been through some serious damage (she's definitely going to have to regenerate after that :D). What medium did you use to make this?
  • Thank you. The back ground was air brushed, I just sprayed down the planets and then put tin cans over them, and painted the back ground black. The ground was done the same way. Amy and the TARDIS were hand drawn. Very poorly drawn and then I used GIMP to color them and redefine them. Using photo references I colored them. Amy is actually a sprite. I like how the Tardis turned out too, the decay , rot is actually the jpeg under neath it. I took digital pictures of the drawings, I don't have a scanner. I kept it and worked with it because I liked it too. I wanted to add the fourth doctor but thought it was too much.
  • Oh yeah... I should've done that, shouldn't I?
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