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I need some help here, having messed up dreams.

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Hey guys, normally I don’t tend to ask help on the forums but today is an exception because there are two things that have been bothering the hell out of me for a long time. Ive tried ignoring them, but they have reached a point where I have decided to turn to not only for help from my online friends, but also to the community. I’ll sort it out.

For the past couple of days now, I haven’t been sleeping well. I have been having some pretty messed up nightmares lately. If anyone asks, this has been going for on about 2-4 weeks from now. I have no idea why I am having some of the craziest dreams. Most of them have been pretty messed up. More messed up than anything crazy from Japan, these dreams I am having are on the borderlines from nightmare fuel to high octane nightmare fuel. What the hell can I do to not have anymore messed up dreams? Its driving me crazy and im not even getting much sleep at night.
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  • Johro;644538 said:
    I died in my dreams for almost a decade straight. Nothing in my dreams really bothers me anymore. Dreams are weird shit and unless they are repetitive, they usually don't mean anything.

    Anyways OP, I agree with everyone else here. I definitely have to say try a few nights without the chocolate milk. If you have to drink something before bed, get a bottle of water. This way if you wake up with dry mouth, you have something to drink nearby.
  • Seems like the questions have been more or less answered, but usually when I have a nightmare I run around in the nightmare and look for something to punch. When I find it, I then punch it.

    Like one time I had a nightmare where some jerk was trying to push me off a tall building. After panicking and trying to keep my balance for a few minutes, I suddenly got super angry and just jumped on the guy. Since it was a dream, the punches were really slow and didn't do much at first, but I just kept on getting angrier until they seemed to do something.

    I can't remember what happened after that but I haven't had a creepy stalker/being chased/being pushed dream since.

    There's also the fact that I tend to remember weird dreams like this for some reason.
  • Buy a dream catcher.
  • If you watch TV or are using a computer or another electronic device before you go to sleep you should spend some time reading or medicating or something not looking at a screen, as others has said light or images can cause you to have strange sleep paterns.
  • Ive had dreams where people I love and trust torture and/or kill me in quite hideous ways. It's been going on ever since I was a little kid. Sometimes they wake me up and I have to keep the light on to retain sanity. Of course once lucid during the day, the dream doesnt seem nearly as frightening, but they remain morbid nontheless.

    From my understanding, dreams, as fantastical as they may seem, have little to do with mental health. If it's really bothering you, get off the internet and talk to a professional.
  • I had a messed up dream where some guy necromanced an old thread, shivers.

    oh wait....

  • I'd recommend talking to a doctor or maybe someone at a sleep clinic.

  • I recommend lavender oil scented candles and chamomile tea in the evening. Then whale sounds.

  • I have some problems with sleeping myself, so let me offer some suggestions:

    • Don't eat before bed. If you're going to eat, try to do it an hour beforehand. Usually, food is the prime suspect for strange dreams.
    • Relax before bed. Stress can deal some damage on the human mind. Try taking a bath with bath salt, drinking some tea or sleeping with a heating pad.
    • Avoid media before sleeping. Anything can be a mental trigger to dreams. My therapist recommends staying away from the News or YouTube before sleeping.
    • Avoid video games before sleeping. See my comments from above.
    • See a therapist or psychiatrist if you feel the need to or if the situation gets worse.
    • Keep a dream journal and "grade your dreams" - see if they go up or down in weirdness.
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