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Will Lilly Leave the Group?

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Major spoilers for both The Governor story arc in the comics and Episode 2 of the game await

You know, being a long-time reader of the comics (Although I stopped reading at Issue 48), I almost feel ashamed of myself to have not realised that Lilly from the game was Lilly from the comics, the same woman who:


Kills both Lori Grimes and then The Governor, and also appears in The Walking Dead novel series .


Now, in the comics, Lilly resides in the town of Woodbury, home of The Governor, arch-nemesis of Rick Grimes. In The Walking Dead game series, the group are rumoured to end up in Woodbury in the 3rd episode. Now, this begs the question, will Lilly leave? Almost certainly yes, unless the group returns to Woodbury later in the series, something I find highly doubtful.

If so, why will she leave? Whilst I was playing Episode 2, I was certain that Larry would die in Woodbury, thus causing Lilly to leave the group in a kind-of, "None of you tried to save him" way. Then I finished Episode 2. So, what DOES cause her to leave. The next logical answer would be everyone siding with Kenny, but what if you side with her like I did? (FYI, I sided with Kenny the entire time up until the scene in the Meat Locker with Larry).

So, what do y'all think?
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  • ^Yeah, Kenny's behaviour pretty much sapped all my respect for the guy, and he killed a fairly unpopular character. Being said character's daughter makes it that much worse, I'd be surprised if she can tolerate being in the same group as Kenny longer than the next episode.
  • Gennadios;644829 said:
    3rd episode? Too soon. All that'll leave is Katja on my Doug playthough. I don't want my survivor group to end up a sausage fest.
    What about the lady that will show up in episode 3?
  • How do you know Season 1 doesn't terminate at Woodbury?

    Season 2 could continue from there.
  • Zeruis;644846 said:
    What about the lady that will show up in episode 3?
    It's already been established in the Romance thread that it might just end up being an androgynous anime character.
  • Well the events with Lilly in the comics happen approximately a year after the Apocalypse started. Right now we're 3-4 months in, since season 2 skips 3 months, so there is still plenty of time to get Lilly to Woodbury and stick to the cannon.

    I remember one of the writers saying that episode 4 was "Fucked up" and I imagine that's when they get to Woodbury.

    Really looking forward to see what actually happends.
  • Lilly could stay till episode five, like the op said they could all arrive in Woodbury in one episode, leave and then if Lilly dose leave the group in a later episode she would return to Woodbury for the safety in numbers thing as she says she wants a permeate base like at the motel.

    In the comic someone says to Rick the Governor wasn't always like this so Lee's group could meet him before insanity and even his daughter’s troubles which makes Lilly staying more believable.
  • I have a feeling the group will be remaining at Woodbury for a while. It's a secure location which everyone is looking for, a hundred times better than a fortified motel. So why would anyone bypass such a 'perfect looking' place and aimlessly keep heading for the coast? It's probably after seeing that their leadership is a evil POS that Lee and a few others realize that they need to leave. How you treat Lilly will probably determine if she helps you to escape or takes a shot at you.
  • Maybe at Woodbury Kenny decides to leave just because Lilly wants to stay? I can very well see him leaving out of spite just because Lilly thinks otherwise, or maybe he has problems with the Govenor because he doesn't see him as doing the best for his (Kenny's) family.
  • Sisterofshane;644837 said:
    I've been mulling around the idea that perhaps we head to Woodbury, but Lilly doesn't leave the group at that time. It could be possible that she stays with us to the end of the story, and at that point extenuating circumstances lead her BACK to Woodbury.

    In all honesty though, I think she's leaving. The death of her father had to be pretty traumatic, and episode three would be the ample time to have her "split".
    I was thinking about this possibility as well. First I thought she might jump ship right away, but I've been thinking, maybe some decision a little further down the road forces her to return to Woodbury.
  • I reckon Lilly will have a clash moment "shall I stay or shall I go?"
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