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Tales of Monkey Island Season 2 Speculation and Suggestion Thread

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When's that scheduled for then? :D
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  • I recently returned to these games (and this forum! Hello!) and after replaying them, a second season is, in my opinion, needed VERY MUCH. Hopefully Lucas Arts'll have a change of heart!
  • They have to get one first.
  • Binhex wrote: »
    I worry that it's only a matter of time until these forums get put into the archive section.

    The most recent forum to be sent to the archive section is Hector, which is a relatively new game, far newer than Monkey Island at any rate. The Hector forums never really sparked. I suppose as long as people are still talking about Monkey Island these forums will stay in the main section but it is true that these forums are less than a shadow of their former selves.
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    The current president of LucasArts, Paul Meegan, has stepped down (surprising, I know, because LucasArts totally doesn't cycle through presidents every few years, right?). Who knows what this will bode for Monkey Island, but a new president with a soft spot for adventure games would be our best shot at seeing a new title.

    But it's likely that we'll get one that will only last a few years at most and shrieks with fear at the very thought of making or publishing a non-Star Wars title, and thus the cycle will continue.
  • I just hope that TTG at least gets in contact with them.. We've got some pretty loyal fans around here..
  • Interesting news. You never know what will happen. Indeed, MI fans have learned the value of extreme patience!
  • Hm what about some Voodoo? We need a hair of this new president coming up... :rolleyes:
  • 3 Years later...
    What if in order to avoid meaningless retcons within the series, we could (like someone said before me) take the Guybrush "Q." Threepwood to patch up the missing links?
    He could be a long-lost brother, who perhaps shares their father's first name (like some people do for tradition). They could have the same interests (both be pirates); they could have been separated while too young to remember, the possibilities are endless. Ever wondered why we never learned anything substantial about the Threepwood family? Forget non-canon. Have the other Guybrush take credit!
    And most important of all, to refresh that old dust-covered love triangle (that became a rectangle with the addition of Morgan) having another Guybrush could mean Morgan doesn't end up alone (she's too hot for that).
    Now... to make the voodoo lady the bad guy... I have no idea how to replace the voodoo component while still keeping her as main antagonist. WE NEED EVIL JU JU CURSES.
    We are still in the dark on many subjects, like her name, the truth about big whoop, the secret of monkey island, and why many of the games excluded that same island altogether!
    Let's hope we get to have more adventures in the near future. Cheers =)
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