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Purple Vest the mystery!!!!

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Would it be funny if they had dialog where they trying to find out what sex purple vest is something like pat from saturday night live.

Lee "So what sports you play as a kid ?"

Purple vest "vollyball"

kenny "ahhh so any nicknames?"

purple vest "friends call me randy"

kenny talks to lee in the corner "fuck Lee i dont know if its a trap or what"

Lee "check the adams apple"

kenny "i was going to but she oops he...fuck!!! i dont know looked at me crazy you seen what he...dammit she fuck...did to the zombies"

Lee "Shit man lets send doug over there to flirt he'll fig it out"

doug goes over to purple vest

doug "so i have a question are you male or female"

purple vest" I have an answer you want a black eye"

doug "ill go back to my bells system "
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  • lol nice ace


    are you male or female

    i'll go back


    i see it going this way

    carley: hey lee there's someone in there, sounds like they are being attacked ! what do we do ??

    lee: (choose to recon first) lets have a look in theres windows, no sense in getting our selves hurt if we can't do anything to help.

    carley: sounds a bit harsh lee i thought you where a good guy ?

    lee: (choose to reason with her) babe, you saw the hell we got off lilly for bringing in ben and travis back to the motel ? we gotta think about our selves, we dunno if we'll find another bunch of freaks like the st johns?! lets be smart about this !

    Carley: Yeah your right lee it's just you know we gotta do the right thing.

    then they see the purple vest stab a zombie in the face.

    lee: is that a woman or a man ??

    carley: i dunno but i'm in love..

    lee: the fuck carley? i thought we where together?

    carley: we are hun but i gotta keep my options open you know zombie apocolypse n all ?

    lee: yeah shame lilly hates me i'd probably do her..

    carley: (picks up a nearby metal pipe)

    lee: shit girl i was joking your the one for me...

    carley: what about clem ?

    lee: she's still young, but she's my new daughter maybe one day, our's ?
  • purple jacket: hey goose how's the leg ?

    goose: hurts like hell man..

    pj: how many times, i'm a hermaphrodite...

    goose: you keep saying that but i got no clue what that means...and man is easier to say...

    pj: it means i'm both..

    goose: how's that possible ?

    pj: cos i'm awesome..
  • lmao@cos im awesome:D
  • My official nickname for Purple Vest is Luis Luisa
  • purple vest "you ever take it from the back"

    goose " what?"

    goose " ahhhh i dont do weired stuff like that "

    purple vest "so you never 69?"

    goose "ooo i thought u meant something else"
  • the only man with the balls to find out the answer to the question

  • lee " so hey whats your name?"

    purple vest " friends call me Luis Luisa "

    lee " isnt that both male and female names?"

    purple vest " im named after my daddymama "
  • clem: Hi LL, can i call you cool jay ?
    Luis: sure but i won't sing any rap songs
    clem: but isn't rap just talking to music, it's not really singing at all ?
    Lee: wow clem you don't like rap music ?
    Clem: No It sounds like shit ;)
    Luis: your daughters funny lee
    Lee: she ain't mine i'm just some guy
    Carley: yeah he's our guy hands off..(pats gun in her pocket)
    Luis: yeha i got a gun too (pats front of trousers)..
    Carely: mine uses bullets tho..
    Duck: is you gun magic luis ? can i see it ?

    Kenny: NOOOOO
  • I actually can see Duck wanting to see his gun lol
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