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Purple Vest the mystery!!!!

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Would it be funny if they had dialog where they trying to find out what sex purple vest is something like pat from saturday night live.

Lee "So what sports you play as a kid ?"

Purple vest "vollyball"

kenny "ahhh so any nicknames?"

purple vest "friends call me randy"

kenny talks to lee in the corner "fuck Lee i dont know if its a trap or what"

Lee "check the adams apple"

kenny "i was going to but she oops he...fuck!!! i dont know looked at me crazy you seen what he...dammit she fuck...did to the zombies"

Lee "Shit man lets send doug over there to flirt he'll fig it out"

doug goes over to purple vest

doug "so i have a question are you male or female"

purple vest" I have an answer you want a black eye"

doug "ill go back to my bells system "
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