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Failed Activation for Back to the Future the Game

posted by ilovedeloreans on - last edited - Viewed by 275 users
I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem but I downloaded a PC version of the Back to the Future game from It downloaded and installed smoothly but I can't activate it in order to play it. It keeps saying failed activation. I don't have a game console so I can't play the console versions. I read the digital support on the gamefly website and tried their solution. It said something about letting it through the firewall but it didn't work. I tried copying and pasting the activation key in the second box and typing it out by hand and that doesn't work either. I don't think I typed the activation code wrong so I don't know what is causing this problem or how to fix it. Does anyone have anymore suggestions on how to fix this problem? Is there a solution I'm not seeing?
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  • Sorry, but that's something you would need to contact Gamefly support for. Their game authentication is different from ours and doesn't connect to our servers.
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