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Update on the way for wd.exe stopped working?

posted by Mordeaniis on - last edited - Viewed by 243 users
It's been quite some time since my game completely stopped working before all of the content I paid for was even released. So far, not a single update has been released, and very little has been said about the issue (other than buried in threads I'm sure). I know support is tricky, I know the issue isn't 50% of users (although it'd be nice if support would remember how small the community of folks that actually posts on forums is, and stop with the claims of how widespread the issue is, because it's widespread enough that press has been hearing about it without going after any sort of news of the sort).
I'm not complaining, I just want to know if there has been a fix identified, and if not if I can get a rebate for my game, because it doesn't work, at all. The one time I got it to launch, it didn't even recognize my save. If I don't get an update any time soon, I'm just going to be done with the game, and maybe come back to it when all the episodes are out and the issues with the game are ironed out (there have been many technical issues with the engine/game in general).
I bought my game on steam, so I'm curious if there is even any way to get a rebate, because as far as I know it isn't possible through them when you've already played through part of the game. I'm not trying to whine or be a dick, I am not saying "omg how dare you fuckers!" But I paid money for something I can't access, and I think I just want my damn money back, considering I was only able to play like a 5th of it.
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  • I just tried to play Episode 2 for the first time tonight and it's crashing on me too. The game opens in a browser window, and when I go into the settings to change it to full screen, that's when I get the exe FAIL.

    You may not be complaining, but I am. I feel cheated.

    If I don't hear anything soon, I'm going to contact my cc company and charge it back.
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