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The Limerick Thread

posted by Klatuu on - last edited - Viewed by 787 users
Okay, here's the point of the game
(As if you couldn't tell from the name.)
In this thread you must
Speak in limericks; thus
Earning fortune and glory and fame.
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  • I'm sorry, just where was my head
    When I clicked to create a new thread?
    My mind must have drifted,
    So can this be shifted
    To "Forum Games" forum instead?
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    Jennifer Moderator
    This guy once washed up on Mêlée.
    "I want to be a pirate", he'd say.
    Then he defeated LeChuck
    Who had run out of luck
    When his head blew off like a toupee.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    There was a choice that had to be made
    Which one's life would you choose to trade?
    Doug is an electronics wiz
    Carley's not sure what a battery is.
    But somehow she's the one that stayed.
  • Agent Tethers bravely acted
    When eraser output was impacted.
    He sure used his noggin
    In the village of Scoggins,
    When facing those weird, red [highlight][REDACTED][/highlight]
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    Jennifer Moderator
    A game of Law and Order LA was announced
    But in the ratings the TV show was trounced.
    So they spent their time thinking
    How to keep the ship from sinking
    On the idea of all shows in one they pounced.
  • My family used to go to the gym
    They'd leave me on my own to swim
    We all actively bailed
    When their weight loss plan failed
    Since then I've somehow gotten more slim
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    Jennifer Moderator
    An announcement of a new Sam & Max game was sounded.
    The original developers made the game well rounded.
    But the game was cancelled
    And a business plan was penciled.
    So that's when Telltale Games was founded.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    There once was a guy named Strong Mad
    Who had a brother who was named Strong Sad
    He was strong, but quite sweet
    And he protected The Cheat
    When kicked by his other brother Strong Bad
  • This thread was lost but is now saved
    Jennifer's risen it from the grave
    I'll continue the rhyme
    Given Patience and time
    So others can say stuff depraved.
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