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Looking for Xbox 360 games

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Alrighty Xbox 360 owners, I have just got myself an xbox 360 and six games(Lollipop Chainsaw, Bioshock 1, Assassin’s creed, Arkham City, Perfect Dark Zero, and Kameo elements of power). If anyone asks, I got this as a graduation gift from my older brother.

Seeing how I have heard a lot of things about the xbox 360 I am in need of recommendations for games. Now, I’m not looking for first person shooters(although, I am curious about a few shooters since I have enjoyed Bioshock). So yeah, I’m stumped on words to explain this one. So what do you guys have for me for recommendations other than Telltale’s games that they produced for the 360? Don’t recommend what I already have since I already have those games.

I know I have heard some mediocre reviews on Duke Nukem Forever. I have heard of good things on Brutal Legend. Dont know about Splatterhouse(wis that any good?) So what do you people got to recommend for me?
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  • Brewtal Legend... Yeah. Fairly good. If you're not picky about preowned, it's pretty cheap, so go for it.

    Crackdown's supposed to be pretty good, and it's probably pretty cheap these days too. There's also the usual Fable / Gears of War / Halo fanboyism, but I feel those to be entirely skippable past the first (or second, in Fable's case) entries. Uh, Saints Row is also good, with the first being a 360 exclusive. Nuts and Bolts (the Banjo-Kazooie game that isn't) is also a fairly good driving game... and NOTHING ELSE.

    Beyond that, you'll need to be a little more specific about genre. RPG? Third Person Shooter?
  • Last time I was at gamestop, Brutal Legend cost around 10 bucks so its a pretty fair price to me to afford.

    Dont plan on getting Nuts and Bolts since it already looked like it wasn't a Banjo title from the start. It just looked like it was rushed just for the quick buck. Maybe it would have been better if it was an original title from Rare over a rushed sequel.

    Oh...I kinda forgot about adding that. For games I'm into. I'm into Third Person shooter, RPG, Platform, First Person Shooter, and Beat em ups.
  • Noteworthy RPGs:
    Tales of Vesperia (It was reprinted so its a bit cheaper, but still kinda pricey. But in the UK at least, you can get it off xbox live as a digital copy for £15. Bargain really! :D)
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope

    ^ Those two play much alike, so they are sorta JRPG but not.

    As for WRPG, get a hold of a Fallout: Game of the Year Edition.
    New Vegas is the newest and arguably the best, but Fallout 3 and its DLC makes for a looooong amount of playtime. (Though Dashing hates 3 so much! XD)

    As for Sidescrollin' beat-em-ups, none come finer than Castle Crashers. Bloody good fun even for 1 player!

    I'd suggest Majin and the Forsaken Kingdoms as well, but to be honest I have it, but never played it. (I really need to try that one. I hear its decent. Probably more marmitey than anything else though...)
  • RetroVortex;647206 said:
    As for Sidescrollin' beat-em-ups, none come finer than Castle Crashers. Bloody good fun even for 1 player!

    For RPGs, there's the Mass Effect series (the PS3 didn't get the first game, which I why I recommend the XBox version), Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey that I'd recommend.

    Third Person... most of those are multiplatform, but again, Crackdown and Gears of War are pretty safe bets.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Leplaya;647202 said:
    Last time I was at gamestop, Brutal Legend cost around 10 bucks so its a pretty fair price to me to afford.
    Unless that's the price for the shrinkwrapped game, if you don't mind shopping online, Brutal Legend is currently $10 new at the Double Fine store. For a little more, it's also only $20 for the game signed by Tim Schafer. :)
  • ^Interesting....Although, I have decided to use gamefly to get my hands on Brutal legend first before purchasing it. So far I'm digging what I am seeing in this video game. So I might purhchase this game then. Oh...And before I forget. What does anyone on here have to say about these titles for the 360? I'm thinking about getting them.

    Bioshock 2
    Duke Nukem Forever(there has to be a FEW good things about this).
    Sonic generations
    De Blob 2
    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
    Bioshock Infinite(did I spell the title right?)
    Alice Madness returns
    L.A Noire
    Left 4 dead
    left 4 dead 2
  • Bioshock 2 - Solid game, if not as spectacular as the first game. I quite enjoyed it though.
    Splatterhouse - I dunno, not played it.
    Duke Nukem Forever - Oh, there's good things about it. There's also BAD things about it. If you really wanna play this, play the PC version. It's far superior.
    Sonic Generations - Yeah, it's OK. Not the greatest game in the world, but better than Unleashed.
    De Blob 2 - Having only played the first game on the Wii, I'll say that it should be fun.
    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - Prepare to be disappointed with your memories, but yeah, it's not bad at all.
    Bioshock Infinite - You know this isn't out, right? It won't be until next year. But yeah, get it.
    Alice: Madness Returns - It's alright, if a bit bland and samey.
    L.A Noire - It's good. Not much more I can say than that.
    Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 - Never played 'em, but apparently they're quite good!
  • Alright. I haven’t been here in awhile but I’ll make this one quick. Now here are the games. Are they good or not?

    Batman Arkhum Asylum
    Scott Pilgrim Saves the world
    Ghostbusters the video game(is it long on this one? I heard the Wii version was short)
    Doom III(I know its not out yet, since they are remaking it for the 360 but whats this like?)
    Alien homid
    Metal gear solid collection(if that’s the title, I know it has the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th titles. Although I don’t like the 3rd and haven’t played the 4th)
    Spiderman: Shattered dimensions
  • Ghostbusters is great. I believe it's near the same length as the wii(except more realistic and the museum stage is completely different). It's average length. It's not 3hrs and it's not 20hrs. I plowed through it in a few days. Basically, it comes down to... if you're a fan of the movies, BUY IT NOW, if not, it'll seem pretty mediocre. The original actors returning made a good game, great.

    Spider-man is a big red flag though. It's just so... forgettable. The stealthy noir stages are great and I wish that was the whole game...but alas, it is not....and the rest is pretty meh.

    Arkham Asylum is fantastic. It will seem fairly claustrophobic compared to Arkham City if you've already played that. If the thought intrigues you, you should enjoy it.
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