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  • I DID get the trophy. It was still bullshit. With the sequel at least you can get Bolt Multipliers, plus they seem to have devalued bolts meaning you pick up more by default. The first one? Ugh.

    Let me put it another way. In the first game, the RYNO costs 150,000, and it takes freaking forever to get that (the total cost of everything in the game, ammo not included, is around 500,000). In the second game, the RYNO II costs [DrEvilVoice] 1 MILLION BOLTS [/DrEvilVoice], and it's not even the most expensive weapon in the game, meaning that the 2 Mil will come through the course of obtaining everything.

    You'll have to grind for bolts, sure, but you won't have to do it solely for a trophy. That's my issue.
  • Yeah but 1 trophy i throught was complete bullshit was Speedy. At least there are tricks & glitches you can use for bolts but it's different with Speedy.
  • It only took me twenty minutes or so to get that one - and then I did it again completely by accident the first time I raced in Challenge Mode! It's just a matter of finding the right path, hitting boosts and jumping over corners.
  • I'm just happy it's done. I am going back through R&C 1 to get skill points i missed (which was almost all of them :| ) To get Gold Bolts i missed and to get all the gold stuff and i need to get 1 million bolts. I already got everything else.
  • Darth my friend i already used that trick to get the RYNO and all guns and a few gold guns.
  • Well, you'll need to use it again if you want that million..!

    ...wait, when did I say you were my friend? :p
  • Ok wanna know a VERY annoying skill point? The Skill point Jumper.

    Edit:Also to answer your question Darth.. You became a friend when i sent you a request and you accepted ;)
  • ryannumber1gamer;647487 said:
    Ok wanna know a VERY annoying skill point? The Skill point Jumper.
    That's one not annoying. Just use the flamethrower. Easy.
  • Mr Nutt;645903 said:
    Ah yes Ratchet & Clank, the series that got me properly into the Playstation 2! I seem to be 1 achievement away from Platinum on the second game (I can't seem to get Old Skool).
    I had that problem as well. The solution I found was to go to a different planet, save the game, then quit. Return to the game, go back to Dobbo (the one where the achievement is) and try it again. First time I did that, it popped once I'd killed the last enemy.

    Hope that helps!
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