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  • trd84;643397 said:
    I thought it was pretty obvious. And you couldn't do anything to stop even with Kenny and Lily thinking something was wrong. For people with lots of good food to eat, everyone in our group looked healthier and were having to skip meals. And the meals we were skipping were half an apple or a small package of cheese and crackers.
    I'd chalk up the appearance of healthiness among the group to Telltale not wanting to make new models/textures and having the characters be hard to recognize, I mean Duck barely even made the trip to the farm, Mark talks about getting weak, etc. and none of the characters really looked all that different from Episode 1.

    The St. Johns just happened to get nailed by the "Looks like Cesare" trope, which really gave them away (atleast for me). Realistically, we shouldn't have been able to tell just by appearance. Hell, just insofar as nutritional value goes, eating another person is probably one of the better options... what simpler way to guarantee you're getting all the vitamins, minerals, etc. that a person needs than by simply eating another person? :p
  • I was distrusting from the moment they showed up and knew I was walking into a bad situation as soon as I saw the bandits arguing. The fence still being electrified wasn't a surprise and I wonder if it was a trap to engineer an "accident". I knew exactly what was happening when they took Mark away and no-one went with him.
  • All Know is that when they asked me how many people you got in your camp? I didn't respond and my thoughts were flying why you wanna know? I just met you, and why you wanna know all about me which has nothing do with the trade.If you ask them if they're armed they will say yeah for the walker but don't mention anything about the bandits. As Sisterofshane said i also didn't see why asking how many rooms you have in your house is rude. That's a question that can be use when visiting someones home for the first time to make converstaion. That was suspicous to me and then you have a chest with all type of tools and ropes right at your door? I found that odd that it would be there of all place and not near the barn or the work area that the saw and the boards.( I also am aware that setup could be the for the fixing of the swing) From the very approach i was wary and didn't not want to go to the farm and i was right!
  • I had the idea spinning around my head from the minute I saw the brothers, having freshly read the cannibal story arc in the comics.. :o
  • You're eating TAINTED MEAT!
  • At first I assumed it had something to do with the dead husband like they kept him in the house or something. After the incident with Jolene I figured it was probably something more sinister... then when I looked into the barn I definitely knew they were torturing people or something (I didn't buy the whole hunting excuse.) I didn't really guess cannibalism though until it was pretty much revealed. It was a very spooky episode, I loved it. Hope the third one is just as good or better.
  • Oh yeah, right off the bat, starting with the darker lines in the brothers faces (cue evil entrance music!) and not being able to see Mark, but I liked it anyway. Really, Larry was the twist in the second episode.

    Did anyone else feel the urge to go vegetarian when Danny said "You can have me!" (ewwwww!)?
  • Cyreen;648091 said:
    Did anyone else feel the urge to go vegetarian when Danny said "You can have me!" (ewwwww!)?
    I felt the urge to swear off sex forever.
  • yeah i started picken up on it little by little as i went was a awesome episode too by far the most thrilling out of the 2.
  • Longest "how the F*ck do I figure this out?!!" moment was learning to back Mrs. St. John into the walker without getting my ass shot off. Had to rewind and give the right response when she came to the door to try to figure out what was going on.

    Otherwise, the nuts and bolts of this game were not hard to figure out.
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