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Walking Dead: Episode 2 issues on PS3

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While playing the Walking Dead: Episode 2 on the PS3 I have encountered many problems. Some of them are minor and can be overlooked. However, I have to say that I am pretty disapointed that there are parts of the game that become unplayable.

First issue: Choppy scenes where characters dont appear or "pop" into the scene. Parts of the game often lag during cut scenes and animations when this is happening.

Second issue: Audio skips or lags or repeats itself during cut scenes or after making a dialog decision. This also happens when the graphics "pop" in or characters lag during cut scenes.

Third and most frustrating issue: The game becomes unplayable after you are captured and put in the meat locker. Major lag during cut scenes, constant audio skips and "pop" ins with characters. The ability to select dialog options becomes broken or unresponsive. I can pause and use buttons in the menus, but when I return to the game they continue to be unrepsonsive for dialog decisions.

Please fix these issues ASAP. I paid the $20 up front for this game, thinking I would be able to play it monthly when the episodes arrived. Now I must wait for issues to get ironed out? Unacceptable!
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  • Why is there no response from these people at TELLTALE? I still cant play this buggy, broken thing you call a game!
  • I also can not finish the game... When Lee has to take care of the woman in the house holding the vet hostage. The only option is to get my face shot off as i slowly move up. As soon as she yells STOP I SWEAR LEE..... BLAM no choice to talk at all. I thought this may be because of my actions. I watched a walk though online and found a couple other comments from others with this same issue on the PS3. SO WHATS UP TELLTALE????
  • Yeah I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem, it sucks. I want to play more.
  • I want a refund too, I guess i should start writing a letter direct but to who exactly? (i haven't got time for all this!!) I'm in London which makes it hard to come banging on the door

    Main problem is being stuck on the bit where Brenda is taking the girl hostage - No I'm not stuck, THERE IS A MAJOR GLITCH ON THE PS3 - THE PRODUCT is FAULTY!!!
    Spent too long on forums reading about others with same problem, not to mention hours and hours trying to crack the problem taking the advice from those who'd been lucky enough to get past this level
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