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Can't play offline

posted by Mondo316 on - last edited - Viewed by 520 users
I bought and downloaded ep 1 last night at my brothers house because I have no Internet at my house. Downloaded on my Xbox gamer tag and console but when I went home it says I can't run the game. It only works while connected to Xbox live. What is the problem?
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  • i imagine you have to have at least a silver account (aka some kind of internet connection) probably, with a gamer profile (which it sounds like you have already) on a separate storage device.

    what about your licenses? it is an arcade game, so maybe you need to transfer your license privelages, to the separate storage device as well?

    something like that anyway. i suggest contacting xbl support if you really need a definitive answer.

    good luck.
  • I'm guessing that u used your Gamertag, but yr Brothers console? (there's yr problem). Any downloaded content links itself to the Gamertag AND the console it's downloaded with.

    Next time I suggest taking yr console with u to yr Brothers (not just yr hard-drive or memory stick), if your getting Episode 3?. The only way to solve yr current problem, is to Transfer the 'Content License' to YOUR console, as suggested in the post above.

    It's an easy enough process, but u can only 'Transfer the Content License' once every 12 months. So bear that in mind, in case u plan on getting a new console within that time period.

    ....Hope that helps ��
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