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Frame skipping issue

posted by nicolethedork on - last edited - Viewed by 521 users
Tried searching the forum to no avail so here goes!
I've been having an issue on the longer scenes where the frame will freeze for 5-10 seconds while the sound keeps going just fine. I have a decent graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 5800) and i can play other games (Civ5 & D3) no problem. Help please!
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  • have you tried turning off the shadows ? i have a hd4890 and that got a bit choppy.

    go in to graphics options and experiment with them also update your drivers. i use steam to update them.. makes it alot easier..;)


    try that setup and post up results
  • Made the changes, started up Episode 1 again and it worked like a charm! Thanks!
  • you could probably mess around with them to see what you can get away with from that setup to see if you can improve the quality

    i'm looking in to upgrading my card anyway may be around the time hl3 comes out lol
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