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Good Fantasy Films

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What, to you, are good or great fantasy films or TV series? Fantasy encompasses a lot of things. I enjoyed Lord of the Rings, especially for its music and cinematography. However, I also thoroughly enjoyed the anime The Record of Lodoss War for its Dungeons and Dragons approach and battles between dark knights and undead gods. So what movies have sparked your interest?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Here are two of my favorite exotics. Both are "founded" in the real world, but make impressive trips into the Fantasy realm.


    This one keeps you wondering for quite some time what the Fantasy sequences are all about. The resolution was entirely logical... and kept the reality of the fantasy intact for some of the characters.

    OH, and Théoden's in it. :D


    So colorful. Starts out so light-hearted and gets SO dark and depressing. The Fantasy makes most of the movie. But it is told by such an unreliable narrator that this reality can change at his whim. The pictures are vastly beautiful, the main kid is utterly charming with her broken English and I have never appreciated Beethoven's 7th symphony as much.
  • I adore the Studio Ghibli films, especially Princess Mononoke. It might not be as dark as some of the films above, but I think it's brilliant stuff.
  • Ghibli certainly counts. I love the soundtrack to Spirited Away.
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    My wife agrees that it is a good movie, but she refuses to watch it ever again because it is too depressing.
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