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Another LucasArts President steps down

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LucasArts has just announced that President Paul Meegan has decided to step down from his position at the company. Mich Chau, President and Chief Operating Officer for Lucasfilm had the following to say:

Paul has been a valuable member of the Lucasfilm leadership team and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. We remain committed to our current projects and will be re-evaluating LucasArts’ leadership needs to ensure that we make the right decisions to keep the studio focused.
Hope restored?
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  • I don't get it. Where can you see these edits?
  • The appropriately named Lot of other edits there, have a look.
  • I have both Phantom Edits and they're both great. Haven't seen any others, though. Attack of the Clones was so terribly terribly hard to watch. So many cringe worthy scenes. I could barely believe how much more watchable Attack of the Phantom made it. Many parts with the stupid dialogue were just muted right out, leaving just unspoken emotion. It actually worked WAY better than the cheesy dialogue delivered by Hayden's corny and clumsy acting.
  • Well, I love The Republic Divided. It's fantastic. I also love the reasoning behind it:
    The areas that I focused on for major improvements are

    We all know that Anakin and Obi-Wan are supposed to be “good friends” so it was quite disjointing to see Obi-Wan be a dick to Anakin throughout the movie, as well as Anakin be a petulant, ungrateful whiner. By cutting out the mutual antagonism we are left with two characters we can believe are friends. The audience wants them to be friends, and by eliminating the obstacles to that, we now can simply accept that we are watching two friends on screen.

    We need a Hero

    From the first frame, grown up Anakin is annoying. He’s timid and unsure one moment, disrespectful and bitchy the next. Audiences react so negatively to these extreme personality traits that the moments where Ankin is likable or heroic are lost. By carving out his creepy leering at Padme, his whining, and his unexplained outbursts of anger, what remains are glimpses of the hero we want to like and root for, at least as much as can be salvaged with the footage we have at our disposal.

    A Love Story

    People bash Lucas for the stilted dialog, and this is a fair criticism, however I can forgive that because it is par for the course in the Saga of Star Wars. What is perplexing is how he chose to have them resist their emotions. We all know that they will end up together so the ruse of them resisting is at best distracting, but worse it impedes the progression of the actual story. In addition to eliminating their resistance, it is key to also remove Lucas’ attempt to show how/why they fall in love. He forgot his own brilliant solution to how to tell a love story back from The Empire Strikes Back; don’t show it. We never see why Han and Leia fall in love, we simply have two characters we like who over the course of several scenes admit their love for each other. Fixing Anakin and cutting out the more on-the-nose aspects of the story results in a love story that is far more believable.

    Action, Action, Action!

    Again like Shadow of the Sith I focused on improving the pacing, particularly in the action sequences. The opening speeder chase is easily cut in half, similar to Attack of the Phantom most of the Obi-Wan/Jango fist fight is gone, and the asteroid chase benefits from a few nips and tucks. But more importantly, the Droid Factory Rescue is majorly reconstructed to eliminate not only C-3PO’s antics, but flying R2-D2 and Anakin getting trapped in the machinery. The battle of Geonosis is heavily redacted because quite simply, it doesn’t matter. It is robots fighting clones. No character that we are invested in is in danger so the sequence just eats up time. Lastly, the confrontation between Dooku and Yoda loses the saber bit. They fight with the Force only.


    Also, like Shadow of the Sith Most scenes have some modification which eliminate redundant and/or obvious exposition as well as poorly written and/or delivered dialog. Six scenes were so useless and/or poorly written that they were removed entirely.


    The Obi-Wan Kenobi mystery hunt reveals a great many questions, most of which not only go unanswered in Episode II, but Episode III as well. Because there is no payoff for the great mysteries of his search, the convoluted plot points are truly useless. I have simplified Obi-Wan’s search for Padme’s assassin so that the story can move swiftly, cleanly and also saving Kenobi for being revealed to have an intellect less than that of a 5 year old Padawan. Relieved of this contrived plotline, the story now moves more cleanly. The illogic of the Jedi accepting the mysterious Clone Army remains, it’s an unavoidable WTF moment, but the rest of the non-sequiturs are removed or toned down.
    Also, L8wrtr includes commentary tracks in each of his edits.
  • What were those 3 hour critiques of the movie?
  • DAISHI;648388 said:
    What were those 3 hour critiques of the movie?
    What are you referring to?
  • DAISHI;648388 said:
    What were those 3 hour critiques of the movie?
    If you're referring to Plinkett's reviews, here's a link.

    If you weren't, you should watch them anyways because they're hilarious and also do a fantastic job of analyzing the movies.
  • Meh. I like The Distressed Watcher's reviews of the prequels better. For one thing he doesn't have an annoying schtick like Plinkett does.
  • Hm, I don't have the hard drive space for these things, so unless someone can point me to a place I can watch them online, they're not for me. Honestly, my problems with the prequels come down to one simple thing. Lucas isn't a director. He's a special effects artist. The best Star Wars didn't even have him as a director. His editing is piss-poor at best, sometimes even in the OT. Case in point, the scene at Obi-Wan's hut. Adywan recut that scene and it worked so much better than the original scene did. In fact, I love Adywan's cut of A New Hope for the most part. He fixed the screw-ups that ILM did, and I liked that he made the fight between Obi and Vader a bit more intense(though god, why did he add Battle of the Heroes?) and the extra stuff during the Death Star battle.
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