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What are YOU scared of?

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This is just a random question.

I’m afraid of very large spiders.
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  • Hold on a second, I actually made a list about a year ago. Let me see if I can find it...

    ah, here it is
    Remolay;520208 said:
    I finally put together a list of fears that I have:
    Sharp objects
    Thunder and Lightning
    Lonliness (I'll be that person with a thousand cats)
    Tight spaces
    Vomiting (it's gross and it feels horrible)
    Public speaking
    People I have not met
    Being touched (Except for handshakes, Fine with that) This is no longer a big problem.
    Being unable to respond when family needs me
    Fear itself
    News media
    Non-existence (Basically me being existential)
    Rain, no joke.
    and what comes after Death

    Just thought I'd share.
  • Same as Remolay, literally, but add eye gouging and the supernatural but take away vomiting. I enjoy vomiting. It's why I played more than one episode of Back to the Future.

    Oh ho ho ho ho ho.

    Ah ha ha ha ha oh I'm so witty.


    It's also why I make so many shitty jokes.

  • The Doom of Man, which in its original form was known as the Gift of Man, that the children of Illuvatar could receive at will when upon the shores of Numenor.
  • Hmmm...

    People I haven't met
    People I don't know
    Large groups of people
    Being touched by people I haven't known long enough
    Wasps (Bees are too stupid really. I kinda feel sorry for them and try to guide them outside)
    Probably snakes/scorpions/ anything in Australia (I WILL NEVER GO TO AUSTRALIA or anywhere with lots of stuff that can kill me. I am a big chicken)
    Aggression. I don't like it. I try to avoid confronting people because other people yelling at me makes me freeze up and get defensive.

    Furbys (which are coming back. NOOOOOOOOOOOO)

    Creepy dolls creep me out. Its the eyes! And I can find clowns unsettling.

    I also am really bad with filth (not mud so much, but like horrible smells) and mould. Makes me gag as soon as I come into contact with anything like that.
    Stuff like flies freak me out too. I don't like ANY insects touching me or anything of mine. Not an exact fear, but it pisses me off to no end! >:X

    EDIT: I'm also not very good with heights anymore. I think its probably my weight really. I'm afriad stuctures couldn't support me and would collapse and then I would probably die.
    Its why I really don't like using the creaky old wooden ladder to get up into the loft. It feels so unsafe! :(
    Hell I get all weird just walking over the bridge uptown. Its a massive wide structure, perfectly made, and could take A LOT of people, yet when I get up that high, I get incredibly worried looking down. Gulp!
  • der_ketzer;648582 said:
    And you just don't want to know how many of them you eat in a year.
    Statistics say 7 but to be honest. They like dark and moist places. It should be a lot more than 7.
    Well, they're apparently the thing you want to be eating in a famine, actually. This is because they're practically all fat. I know this because I dissected one at Berkeley and it was ridiculous trying to find any of the major organs because there was all this fat in the way.

    This is probably what prompted my phobia. Seriously, when I was dissecting the thing, I swear it moved.
  • RetroVortex;648598 said:

    Aggression. I don't like it. I try to avoid confronting people because other people yelling at me makes me freeze up and get defensive.
    WHAT!? l'LL KlLL YOU!

    -in about 100 years by doing absolutely this logic I am the biggest mass murderer in history.
  • Losing a Sense (Not being able to see, hear, touch, etc.)
    Distorted Faces
    Any large insect that has a stinger.
    Chainsaws (The scariest power tool ever constructed)
    Extreme Heights
    That moment when the airplane you're on experiences Turbulence
    Being out in Public
    Public Restrooms (The most unsanitary places on earth)
    50% of the users on DeviantArt
    99% of the users on 4Chan
    Dull Colors

    And there may be more, but I don't want to think too much about this.
  • Things Tope is afraid of:

    Heights. Paralysingly so. Sometimes when I'm on an elevator I will cling to the bar because of the feeling of falling. One time I got a panic attack from decending in an elevator. Strangely enough, I'm not afraid of being in an airplane.

    Crowds. Being packed in like a sardine in a crowd is absolutely frightening. When I was in New York City, I got stuck in a crowd where the folks ahead stopped walking, but the people in the back had yet to stop, so it was packing us in to the point that I couldn't breathe at one point.

    Sudden touching. Unless I know and trust a person, I really have a hard time with normal things like hugs and pats on the back. Anything beyond that is even worse for obvious reasons. The reaction is especially strong when it's a guy that does it. Worst part is that I freeze up so bad that I can't say anything so it just gets worse and worse and I can't do anything about it. Stems from stuff in the past.

    Stalking. Pretty common fear for me. I close my blinds at night when it strikes me hard. Also from events in the past.

    Conflict. If someone raises their voice at me in anger, I shrivel up into a little messy ball of tears. I go into defence mode and try to sheild myself from a hit, even if I know that the person would never lay a finger on me. I can't control this. Especially prominent when it's a guy who's angry.

    The realization of being alone. I'm alone a lot and it doesn't bug me most of the time. In fact, I like deionizing and getting away from people a lot. But realizing how alone I am at times scares me. Not really a major phobia though.

    Eggplants. Had a weird nightmare about them as a kid. Definately irrational and definately bizzare but, again, I can't help it.

    Signs of warning accompanied by silence. A very specific fear and a weird one at that, but such signs make me feel really unsettled and uneasy.

    Spiders are sort of a hit and miss thing for me. Most of the time I'm good with them with whatever, but occasionally, for whatever reason, I might see one and my body involuntarilly freaks out and would do anything to get away.

    I used to be afraid of being surrounded by the color neon yellow because as a kid I had a nightmare of being put in this tube slide that was such a color that slid into a grinder, but I managed to get over it by highschool.

    That's really all I can think of right now. Heh.
  • Giant Tope;648605 said:
    Eggplants. Had a weird nightmare about them as a kid. Definately irrational and definately bizzare but, again, I can't help it.
    Definitely avoid eggplant wizards, then.

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