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My stats from Episode 2 (spoilers on each major decision)

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I'm in the clear for Savior, Interrogation, Pragmatism, and Revenge. Except me and 44% of the other players DIDN'T steal the food. Come on guys! ALTHOUGH I did feel bad for going hungry with Clementine WHILE the others gorged themselves on the food, I'm pretty sure she felt bad even though her heart said no.

Oh wait I don't know why I should be happy about shooting Jolene, well I didn't do it. I didn't want her to die. I tried my best but that guy just... did his own thing man.

Oh and well. There is one amazing thing that I don't think most people noticed. When you were punching the guy next to the puddle... you could see your own face in the reflection of the water -- aggressive and mean --, I immediately stopped punching him and thought shit, everybody's watching me, Clem's watching me. I have to stop. God dammit telltale. I want to be Clem's father. Er I want Lee to be her father. I even told her I'd love to have a girl like her as my child.

I want to see what happens next, never have I felt so attached the characters and drama in a story than I have in this game. 2 hours or around that? Good enough for me, there's enough story packed in each episode to leave me with a good feeling. I'm happy it doesn't leave with a heavy cliffhanger and instead shows us what's going to be the problem next episode. Moving from one thing to another.

Oh I chopped off his leg yeah well I felt it was the only option.

I didn't help kill Larry, Kenny is starting to get on my nerves, he's always wanting me to be on his side. I want to be there for him but he just doesn't have the right intentions sometimes. I was trying to help Larry. I actually tried my best to get on his good side. I didn't just outcast him from the group. I gave him my axe to tell him I trusted him with it. I gave him half of an apple and even told him I could've given him nothing. I just felt terrible when he died. All cause of that stupid Kenny! Why didn't he give us time? We had it under control. Okay if he turned, then smash his head in, but he didn't. Argh.

Oh and the last bit, I picked up some weapons from the butcher shop, I first picked up the crow claw thing. Then I saw a sickle, I thought it'd be good. As Kenny left I noticed something better than the both of them, the cattle prod. I could stun him non-lethally! It didn't end up being a life saver though... I spared his life and smiled with glee as Clementine toke notice of my actions. I kind of wish I told her I killed somebody. I just said I got in some trouble.

Well I'll go out and buy this season soon, I really want to see the character development between me and Clementine mold together. I mean, she looks up to me, I promised I'd protect her. Telltale congrats, you done good :D
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