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Didn't you hear the dinner bell boy?

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So when Lee found the kill room, dose anyone else think he under-reacted? just curious?
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  • I think it was a combination of him being dissapointed that Lee went behind his back, and trying to keep his cool while he came up with an excuse for all the blood.
  • also some say andy is in denial about all the messed up shit his mother and brother do (cannabalism) so he is trying to appear innocent and legit..

    but he is not the stig ;)
  • I don't think he cared at that point, seeing as they would be part of it soon anyway. It probably wasn't the first time for them, hence lock and bolts (would it really stop a bandit that really wanted in?)
  • Lee notices a gun on Andy when they enter the dining room. Andy was just being cool to prevent a scene. I was mad that you couldn't make one then and there. It was obvious that was a human slaughterhouse from the implements to the JARS FILLED WITH HUMAN ORGANS.
  • How did you know they were human ? Some slaughterhouses do look like that.
  • I don't think Lee just bought whatever Andy said. I guess he was just really hungry. Also, it's hilarious to see Andy's reaction when you're silent. Lee just shrugs and walks out.
  • I thought he was just biding his time, but when he got to the house and didn't pull Kenny off to the side to warn them, I then thought he under-reacted. Theres some interesting thoughts here about it. :D
  • Andy's explanation does make sense. Lee, Mark and Kenny were hunting not that long ago, so I don't think he is a stranger to that amount of fluids. No water to wash the blood away and all that. Who would suspect a cannibalism after 3 months at our day and age ? The bear trap was a bit suspicious though, why remove the release mechanism ...
  • I don't think the idea of cannibalism really hit Lee until he saw Mark with no legs. He might have been suspicious of the St. Johns, but I don't think he had any idea that they were eating Mark.
  • Exactly. They could have had a different deal with the bandits, leading people into a trap. Jolene is a good example.
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