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Apparently, someone at Telltale has been following the same principles Hitchcock and other great directors have used concerning "the smoking gun" and other foreshadowing elements. The way that they have established foreshadowing and linking elements from different parts of the story as a key part of the storytelling caught my attention in a recent playthrough. Whether to broadcast events or to emphasize irony, it is a good narrative device when used well.

**May contain some spoilers**

Episode 2 deals with this a bit more directly. For example, the opening scene with David is kind of a foreshadowing for numerous elements of the St. Johns. Not only the obvious (I figured it would not be the last time someone losing a limb would show up in the episode), but little things like the bear trap there along with the bear trap Danny sets up in the barn for the gang. And add to that the irony that he gets snagged in one of the traps he had set in probably numerous areas to catch people (I can only assume that is why that trap was out in the middle of nowhere in the first place).

There are other moments like this. Some more immediate (Larry's outliving Lee line right before his heart attack), some a little longer (Pointing out the salt licks before the scene in the meat locker) and some that hint to bigger things in the future (Hershel's line of trusting the kindness of strangers before they meet the St. Johns in the next episode). Maybe I am over analyzing it, but it just seemed like I would find more of these fun moments as I kept looking for them. Can only imagine what else will come next...

Anyone else see any I miss or think of things that could hint to bigger things to come?


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    I don't know if I'd go so far as to compare it to Hitchcock, but I know what you mean. Some of it is done for gameplay purposes. For example pointing out the salt lick so that later on you're not standing there going "what are these, giant legos?" It also helps to maintain the intensity of that scene, so they don't have break it up with dialogue explaining that they are salt licks.

    It's more impressive to me when something in episode 2 was foreshadowed in episode 1. It helps to tie the episodes together. Larry's heart condition, for example.

    I think foreshadowing will have greater value in the long term over the course of the series. Hopefully some events from the first two episodes are going to resonate strongly in the last two episodes. Things that come to mind that could have some unexpected payoff later: Clem's walkie talkie, the answering machine messages from Clem's mom, Lee's family, Lee's crime.
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    I liked Mark's comment at the opening of episode 2 about being stuck in room with Larry.
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    Salt lick?

    Yeah it's gross.

    Did you lick it?

    I don't know.
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    Yes, it's reassuring that Telltale follows screenwriting payoff structures.
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    Kenny *the company of a man who can knock a couple of heads together if he has to.*
    The size of the wedding ring is a bit confusing though, how big where his wife's fingers ?
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