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I'm making a new political Sam & Max comics!

posted by Formaldrahyde on - last edited - Viewed by 2.4K users
Hello people, I am in art school and I decided to make my own Sam & Max comics because the original comics is really offensive to me and my family.


It will be amazing! It will be released 2009, and it will star:

Tom Selleck as Sam

John Rhys Davies as Max!

The story taking place in nazi germany shows how terrible things were, but Sam & Max have to move to Poland!
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  • And MysterySheep just because of a weird coincidence that someone else is making a political comic of sam and max IN 2009 you shouldn't jump to conclusion its hurtful. Who knows maybe my thread could have caused some people to follow my footsteps.Secondly everybody requested that I do not make a fan comic and I think I should respect the decision of the majority unless you want me to make one.
  • In other news Happy 100th post to me.
  • What is going on?

    If the question is about Razahyder should or should not doing a webcomic the answer is of course. Do it. So we can love or hate your with more reasons.
  • ezzetabi;64394 said:
    What is going on?
    Nobody knows. I think it's some sort of mating ritual.
  • This thread makes my day!
  • Razahyder;64353 said:
    I am not making this comic I am currently taking a one year break from the forums. FormalDrahyder are you mocking me or did you get this idea from my political comic thread.If your mocking me I think we should forget that thread and move on.
    I'm not mocking you, maybe I will some day.
    Razahyder;64353 said:
    And MysterySheep just because of weird conisedence that someone is making a political comic IN 2009 doesn't mean you need to jump to conclusions it's hurtful
    Um we thought that guy was you, so you're actually the one jumping to conclusions.
  • I think I just started a cult of sam and max political comics does 2 count? Can everybody stop using my name in the forums. Am i crazy to make a sam and max comic after the insults I got for it.Secondly I am more interested in creating original comics right now. And I would use the real Sam and Max.
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    Ok, we all know what happened last time. So far everything's just nice and fine, but could everyone please promise that if you're starting to get a little bit upset, you will first take a deep breath, go for a little walk, have a sandwich, and then make a post in the forum. Please.
  • tabacco;64395 said:
    I think it's some sort of mating ritual.
    Oh, yeah. This explains everything.

    My questions were serious. If you posted for informing and you had the unwanted effect of a idiotic flame war, please answer.
  • ezzetabi, you're not being fair. i'm sure formaldrahyde meant well!
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