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Batman General Discussion Thread

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With Batman Arkham City coming out yesterday (uk) and the 18th of October (usa) and with me finishing it yesterday i throught it would be cool to open a batman thread so go ahead and say anything you want about batman you can talk about the games comics movies anything batman you can even make reviews of it ill start

Review of Batman Arkham Asylum

Story - The Joker breaks out of arkham and lets Batman capture him and bring him back but as Batman thinks it was too easy and thinks Joker is up to something he is proven Right as Joker takes control of arkham and kills many guards unleashes all of the inmates with the help of Harley Quinn and the inmates being killer choc Scarecrow and more of the villians from batmans past and with the pain of the riddler who makes batman solve all his riddles..its gonna be one big night for the dark knight

Gameplay - just belive me this is one of the best comic book games and it feels like you really are the dark knight as you fight,do puzzles and solve riddles it is really good gameplay

Overall - it is one of the best batman games if not one of the best comic book games made and if you can i would say ether get it along with the sequel Arkham City or if you can find it just get it so Batman Arkham Asylum gets a 9.0
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  • Shadowknight1;649525 said:
    we won't be getting any more DLC. I think Rocksteady said Harley Quinn's Revenge was the last of it. :(
    That's what they said... but I wouldn't completely rule out any WiiU exclusives when that comes out.
  • Shadowknight1;649525 said:
    There was also going to be a DC Animated film in the same vein as the recent ones, but they felt it didn't have a wide enough fan base, so they shelved it indefinitely, along with a sequel to the Wonder Woman movie(WHY?!) and a Batgirl: Year One adaptation. :(

    And as awesome as more Arkham City costume packs would be(I'd love for a movie pack, even if it had to include the Forever & B&R suits), we won't be getting any more DLC. I think Rocksteady said Harley Quinn's Revenge was the last of it. :(
    (Faceplaims about DC's movie ways)
  • But the Wonder Woman film was awesome!
  • What's next!? Marvel adds Howard The Duck to the Avengers!? (I know it's bad from the Nostalgia Critic review.
  • I saw Howard the Duck when I was a kid, and I didn't think it was that terrible. Sure, it was cheesy (which is a given with a live action movie about an anthropomorphic duck) and there certainly are WTF moments, but on the whole I thought the movie wasn't that bad. It's not the best movie, but it has its moments.

    I never understood that bit where NC makes fun of Phil Blumburtt for greeting Howard by making weird noises at him. Phil is both a nerd and an idiot, so he's expected to behave the way he does.
  • coolsome;649579 said:
    But the Wonder Woman film was awesome!
    Yes, but I think part of it comes from the fact that it didn't sell as well as they expected, which is a shame.
  • I was nine when I first watched the animated series episode, “Robin’s Reckoning.” I cried the first time around, and ever since then, I’ve collected the whole series on DVD.
  • image
    The cover for The Dark Knight Returns Part 1.
  • coolsome;650446 said:
    The cover for The Dark Knight Returns Part 1.
    Wait Wait Wait

    Part 1?
  • ryannumber1gamer;650449 said:
    Wait Wait Wait

    Part 1?
    Yes its in 2 parts cos its a damn big comic. The 2nd part is out spring 2013 I believe.

    check out his tight batbutt...oh crap its not batman and robin again is it!?
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