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[TWD] Can't download Ep 2 for PC

posted by Penthotal on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
When I open the game on my PC, I go to "Download content" in order to download the ep.2.

The download starts but after 2-4%, I recive an error message where it tells something like "You haven't a connection, so the download is interrupted. Be sure to have a connection."

Well, my connection works well, so the question is:
how can I resolve the problem?

There is any place where can I download the ep 2 or there is a solution for this situation?
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  • Can someone tell me how to get a refund for this piece of garbage?????
  • This thread was created 10 days ago (as of this post) and there's still NO FIX? Completely unacceptable. (t would be different if we had a status update from the devs saying they were aware of the issue and working to resolve it, but they can't even give us that courtesy?

    Telltale's reputation is garbage IMO and I will never buy another one of their games.
  • People that are playing the game from Steam, did you tried to run steam as administrator? "Right click on the icon... Run As Administrator"? If not try re-installing the game... copy your save files to a different location on your computer and re-install the game it might help :S...

    Good Luck
  • It's been more than 2 weeks now and I still can't download episode 2. I wish it didn't have to come to this, but i'm giving up on this game and going to ask for a refund. Sigh.
  • I can't download Ep 2 through Telltale either.

    The closest I got so far is 99.50% and it has been hours and nothing more. I really don't want to reboot the game, but I think I may have to.

    This is ridiculous.
  • Tried it the last days (not today) and it always lost connection at 4-6%.
    First time I have issues with a telltale game. They should at least fix the downloader so it can continue downloads that lost connection so you don't have to start all over again or just give us a download link for the new episode and we will copy it into the game folder by ourselves...
  • I have the same experience as "Greybeard" - The download seemed successful & Episode 2 shows up as "installed" - but I can't launch it. I specified "save" when downloading but can't find the download anywhere on my computer. I tried uninstalling & re-installing the game to no avail. I've played all The Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Puzzle Agent, and other Telltale games in the past with no problems. I agree - should have used Steam but thought I would eliminate the middle man & go right to the source.
  • There is a thread on this forum that might help those of us like me & "Greybeard" whose download completed & shows as "installed" but won't launch. It is the "Found a fix for game not showing as installed" thread by cronic22. Episode 2 doesn't install in the same folder on your PC as Ep 1. I tried to copy the Ep 2 files to the Walking Dead file in Program Files (x86) from the my documents folder that they inexplicably downloaded to but it doesn't work for me. The "WalkingDead102.exe" file to launch is missing - but it seems to work for some people. Ep 2 downloads to a different location than papa-SUCKS!
  • have the same problem as the OP.
    bought the game from the telltale-site and can't download episode 2 through the game.
    my internet-connection is stable but the download keeps stopping.

    a solution to this problem would be nice ...
    is there a way to "convert" the purchase to a steam version as that apparently does not suffer from this affliction ?
  • I, like many others, have the same annoying problem. I can't believe that Telltale won't answer any of these post... I have tried everything...
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