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Pokémon: The Thread

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  • My favorite is James K. Polk
  • Still enjoying the heck out of HeartGold, really wish my Wii would work so I could use my team in Battle Revolution.
  • Just finished my imported copy of White 2. Even though I have no heads or tails of what is being said, it has grown to be my favorite pokemon ds game. Oh yeah, I don't watch the tv show anymore.
  • Wait there are more than 151 Pokemon now? Crap!
  • Ribs;651262 said:
    My favorite is James K. Polk
    Fun fact; I made this post without realizing that Polk was the first syllable of Pokemon.
  • Ribs;651406 said:
    Fun fact; I made this post without realizing that Polk was the first syllable of Pokemon.
    No it is not. But it is the first of Polkamon.
  • I recently convinced my sister to pick up soul silver, and we've been playing that against each other (I bought heart gold). It's been fun so far, a nice throwback to when they first came out, and I was playing against my classmates. A lot of "Hey, have you done this yet?" and battles and stuff.

    Also, I'm on the 8th gym, and the trainers are several levels ahead of me. And there's nowhere nearby to train properly. I insist on having all my team the same level, which means none of them are particularly strong as such.
  • I've started my game of HeartGold two years ago... still haven't defeated the Elite Four (and after that there's Kanto and 8 more Gym Leaders, so...). Yeah, I clearly don't play it every day :p I can defeat everybody but Lance, need to train more.

    Really, the second generation is my favourite. 16 gyms, tons of locations, tons of stuff to do, just 251 Pokemon (98% of which don't suck visually). In comparison to those games, the Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl versions felt really disappointing to me.
  • I loved Ruby and Sapphire. Namely because they introduced my favorite Pokemon set. Nincada-Ninjask-Shedinja. It's a freaking cicada Pokemon! I love these guys! Plus Ninjask is faster than the proverbial bat outta hell.

    I also love Eevee and its evolutions.

    And Kabuto/Kabutops.
  • I also love Eevee and its evolutions.
    Yeah, those are awesome. My favourite one is Umberon, introduced in, well, Gold and Silver :p
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