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6 reasons I'm unhappy

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Ok heres 6 reasons I'm unhappy with this game.

1. The huge delay with releases after advertising a certain schedule. Just because they changed their advertising after I bought the game doesn't make it right.

2. The lack of communication during those delays. It seems like their whole strategy was "bah ignore em they will stop complaining when we release it". That is not acceptable...Especially with so many first time customers.

3. The downright retarded stuff makes you lose that immersion. You don't know what a battery is? Really? Your name isn't duck. That's just not believable.

4. The drop in quality of gameplay in episode 2. Episode one "seemed" to have more interactive puzzles...Episode 2 was very straight forward and required very little from the player.

5. The choices in episode two were not balanced. Thats something the developers were bragging about in episode one and I thought was pretty nifty. Though in episode 2 a lot of the decisions are around 80ish% because there was no real reason to go the other way. Example Why kill a woman thats telling you the danger you're in?

6. It's only episode two and it's already feeling like the dialog options I make are mattering less and less. Seems like the only thing that changes is who makes what comment about my decision. I was promised decisions that mattered and so far I'm not feeling it.

So there we are. I'm left very frustrated because it seems there is very little to do about my disappointment. I can't get a refund because steam does not do that. I truely doubt the devs are going to step up their game and make the product more enjoyable for me with so many people happy with the current product...So I'm left with a very bad taste in my mouth after my first dealing with telltale. How many people feel the same way?
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