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Xbos 360 Walking Dead Save and Download problem

posted by Tamsh00ter on - last edited - Viewed by 431 users
I recently downloaded the walking dead part 1 and 2 to play on the xbox 360 but i cannot save my progress or play part 2 as it says "GET" even though i have downloaded it.

i checked the "limits on use" for the game and says it will only work on the first Xbox that you download it on. The only problem is i installed the game on my Girlfriends Xbox 360 before i re installed it to my own.

Now the only way to get it to work on my xbox 360 is to use a by transfering it by memory car or transfer kit (which i have neither).

Is there any other way for me to play this without having to use my girlfriends xbox 360 or spending money on a memory card or transfer kit ?
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