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PAX Prime 2012

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So registration opens up next week. Just giving everyone a heads up!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    GuruGuru214;647738 said:
    Yeah, they sold out in under half a day. I knew it was coming up and registered as soon as I knew it was open, and I still got shut out of the weekend badges and had to buy my three days separately at higher cost.
    Ditto. My hotel of choice was booked out at that point too.
  • I don't even know anything about the hotels out there. Icedhope pretty much handled that for me, him, and Fawful.
  • GuruGuru214;647792 said:
    I don't even know anything about the hotels out there. Icedhope pretty much handled that for me, him, and Fawful.
    Well... the only nice and affordable hotel that I could get is a mile from the convention. So... yeah.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Here are my (probably overly detailed) thoughts on the schedule... why yes, I do like to plan ahead. :p

    I really only have a couple of absolute must-sees though. I am easily distracted by cool stuff other people are doing and/or shiny things.

    Speaking of cool stuff, if anyone who can't go especially wants to see something in the exhibition hall, I'd be happy to take pics for you!

    • Have to choose between Story Time with Ted Price (the keynote address) and Idle Thumbs Podcast Live (starring Telltale's very own Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman, among others).
    • I'm interested in Community vs. PR: The Squabbling Siblings for a better understanding of how community management and PR interact. Runs directly after the sessions above, not sure if it's possible to make both. It also clashes with the Penny Arcade Q&A, but I don't mind missing that because I'd rather see the PA guys at the Make A Strip session on Saturday.
    • Tim Schafer will be present at the Double Fine Adventure Adventure! They're doing the first public screening of footage from the production documentary, and a Q&A session afterwards. I will be there with bells (or more likely a Double Fine Adventure backer badge) on.
    • I guess I'm pretty much obliged to attend Telltale's big session, Playing Dead Live. On the stage will be A.J. LoCascio and Gary Whitta, along with the aforementioned Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman. Somewhat intrigued by the "additional surprises to be announced".
    Saturday Sunday
    • I'm planning to do coupley sightseeingy stuff with The Dude further afield, but if I was around I'd want to catch the Omegathon final. Exactly what the final two are competing in is a secret, but apparently it is "one of the single greatest spectator games ever".
  • It looks like some of us forumites will be heading to Pax this year..and I'm suggesting this. We all have a meet up and a good time on Seattle's behalf?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Yes of course! Friday night?
  • puzzlebox;652400 said:
    Yes of course! Friday night?
    I'm down for friday night!
  • Friday night is fine. I mean, I'll probably be hanging out with you guys anyways, so any evening is fine.
  • Friday Friday gonna get down on Friday.
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