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Suggestions on how to improve the forums

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 57.7K users
I made this thread so people can discuss how the fourms can be improved so i'll start off.

I think the classics part of the thread should be back in the main menu of the fourms with all the rest of the forums topics because since they are in the classics hardly anyone ever replys anymore to them.
  • Which of my Brit friends are taking me to Gordon Ramsays this summer?
  • DAISHI;652733 said:
    Which of my Brit friends are taking me to Gordon Ramsays this summer?
    I would, but the bank won't let me take out a loan big enough.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    DAISHI;652733 said:
    Which of my Brit friends are taking me to Gordon Ramsays this summer?
    Darth Marsden;652737 said:
    I would, but the bank won't let me take out a loan big enough.
    Ramsay has restaurants in NYC and Los Angeles as well. If you'd been able to get to Maze (NYC) during restaurant week just gone, you could've had a 3-course dinner for $35. Although if you're anything like me, you'll spend as much on drinks as you do on dinner. :p
  • Ramsays actually offers low priced fare in addition to its standard, glam menu.
  • *sigh*

  • Someone should nuke the Walking Dead section. **shudder**

    I shouldn't keep going in there but it's like going past the scene of an accident, you can't help but look and look I do. Then I get annoyed and want to punch through my monitor to get at the crazy stupid people. Sick of having to add people to my ignore list...
  • No most of the Walking Dead discussions are as follows:

    ''It's been one day over a month wheres my episode 3?!!?!?''
    ''Look just give them a bit more time and do something else''
    ''NO! I WANT MY EPISODE 3!!!!''
    ''You need to give them time''
    ''I'm going to conplain about this on their fourms!!!'

    In over words people. Shut up about it now coming a month later. You do know their are games that other fourms members are waiting for like Sly Cooper Thieves In Time & Luigi's Mansion 2 which has been delayed for about 4 or 5 months now till early 2013.
  • Have a section of the forum rules clearly state how much $80 is worth. Just for those of us who might not know that or need assistance figuring it out.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Giant Tope;652644 said:
    What needs to be done is the creation of a code of conduct for mods because it's kind of the wild west and some people get banned for the smallest things while others doing worse stick around forever. It's just very odd. The whole prevalence of post deletion is also very odd.

    While I like our mods, theres just a huge air of unprofessionalism and disorganisation about them, akin to the staff at an anime convention. It's kinda annoying at times to witness.
    The impression is fair to share, but I will add that you do not have enough insight to assess the situation completely. You only see when people get banned, but the why necessarily remains a guess for you, one that will go amiss half of the time. You have to make up whether a moderator action was justified by estimating how quick a situation was resolved or by how much of the situation you actually witnessed, and in a whole lot of cases, what the situation actually was. You might have seen one small trigger out of a total of eight and think you've got the whole picture.

    As for moderator rules, they exist. Some few behind the scenes, most of them very much out in the open (a "forum rule violation" demands moderator action).

    Concerning unprofessionalism, I have been around long enough now to witness how most moderators were nominated, and I could not be more happy with the result. The wild west appeal of the present bunch might be visible, but it's due to trying times that guns are raised. Each of the Magnificent Seven (all right, I didn't count) is a real character with her/his own strong views, areas of expertise and favored areas of operation, and still we have managed to work together as a team. They're doing professional work as volunteers, each and every one, in an organized manner from all parts of the world, and I will not depart an inch from that assessment.

    A moderator who bans, infracts, deletes or edits posts or stomps his foot in a thread questions her/himself. ALWAYS. She or he explicitly announces member and reason for ban or infraction in the mod forum. Other mods and occasionally admins assess and give feedback. And we're certainly not nodding off each other. Conflicts among mods sometimes arise, and I welcome them. The moderator I disagree with most often might be the one I value most.
    Johro;652555 said:
    At this point, I'm starting to think that sign-up security should be increased. Reviewing accounts before granting access, or other safeguards. The spamming is getting ridiculous.
    Suggestions are being made continuously, and I am rather sure that a solution will come. I just don't know WHEN...
    corruptbiggins;652784 said:
    Someone should nuke the Walking Dead section. **shudder**
    Takes just five minutes... all gone... DON'T TEMPT ME MAN!!!1!oneeleven!!
  • Considering 90% of the stuff in TWD is handled by Vain...

    And Vain is right. We each have specialties. I rarely ban, and I usually only do so if its a known bot and/or I'm the only one online (time zones, ftw). Mostly, I make FAQs and clean out spam. But when I do have to bring the hammer, I honestly feel guilty. I don't like silencing pople. But I like it when people harass others even less. I grew up with bullies. I know how hard it is to be on the receiving end.

    But Vain is right on one account- ban reasons may not happen because of something you saw. Offending content may have come in the form of a harassing PM, and we must respond to those too.

    We have a code of conduct, and there is one for the forums too, the one made by David E. It still stands today as it did when he wrote it a few years ago.
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