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Favorite Moments

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For those of you who are here because you like the game, tell me your favorite moments/lines in the episodes to date. For example, one of my favorite lines is if you told the brothers that Lee is from Macon, upon meeting Brenda she replies "They grow 'em good there!"

What are yours?
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  • Did you lick it?
    I don't know..
  • It's a tie.

    Clem to Lee: It smells like shit, right Lee?


    Lee to Carley: Batteries huh. Sure you can handle that?
    Carley: You're never going to let me live that down are you?
  • could of sworn this thread has been done but can't find it lol
  • Milosuperspesh;653484 said:
    could of sworn this thread has been done but can't find it lol
    So... what's one of your favorite moments? Doesn't have to be a line, can be scene, facial expression, whatever.
  • The Salt Lick line is the best thing Telltale has ever written.

    similar but not quite the same, i've posted up my best bits in other threads lol
    but in a nut shell

    1.clem's i don't know
    2. larry saying 'i should tell you to shove this jerky up your ass' to lee when you feed him.
    3. lee telling larry to 'eat the fuck up every last bite, knock your self out, go for it (might not be accurate) at the stjohns diner table.
    4. jolene 'right through your bawls'
    5. larry 'charm coming out my ass'
    6.danny saying 'what ever tex' if you shoot jolene. (don't pick clems hat option as the reason)
    7. travis
  • Kenny's expression after killing Larry (if you help him). It mirrored my own almost exactly.

    Lee in the Drug Store: "You wanna get violent you old fuck?! Then come on! You better be ready to kill me though, because it's ME before ANYONE ELSE!"

    Larry at the Dairy: "Cool yer jets there Rambo" and: "I got charm comin' out of my ass!"

    And of course, at the Dairy, Lee shouting "IT'S OVER!" to Andy.
  • My fav scene is after you deal with Danny and leave the barn, you're outside and see the laser pointers light. I was like "what the hell?" And immediately remembered Doug. That was a Hell Yea kinda moment for me idk why lol
  • "I've got charm coming out of my ass!"

    "...I don't know..."

    Duck and Ben unable to figure out what Clem Clem drew, leading to her having the best "I'm surrounded by retarded ferrets" face I've ever seen in a video game.
  • So far?

    1. Lee's brawl with Andy in the rain. Epic.
    2. Clem's salt lick line. This was hilarious.
    3. Lee and Clem's bonding in the drug store. Hopefully this will be referenced to in later episodes.
    4. Mark's revenge as a walker. He was my favorite new character.
    5. Meeting up with the "rest" of the group at the drug store, which started out as a quick choice to keep your loyalty to Kenny or side with the new people.
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