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Fan Created Adventure Games

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I was wondering what people though about fan-created adventure games. I have played games such as Space Quest 0, New Adventures of Zac McCracken, and have been checking out the websites for games like Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth, and Hero6 (a Quest for Glory spinoff) and several others that have yet to be developed.

Basically, I think that it is great that so many people have the time to make these adventure games for free. Adventure Gamers has a whole section of their site devoted to these type of games.

Do you guys think it helps the adventure game genre to have these fan created titles floating around? Why don't game developers notice the fact that adventure fans have resorted to this and produce more games along the same lines. These games have shown that adventure game fans love playing the old dos and scumm games - doesn't seem like it would cost game companies that much to put out a few new titles along the same lines.
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  • Today i was lucky enough to find a full copy of Outlaws in the box and everything in Gameplanet in the secondhand box for $5 (something about $2.50 american i think)! Now before you wonder what this has to do with anything, let me just say how awesome it is. Sure, being 10 years old it has pretty crappy graphics (but to me they look awesome), the plot is pretty cool, and the music rocks! So why the hell did Lucasrts feel the need to dop all their old game licenses? Now they seem to ONLY make star wars games! I'm especially mistified seeing as one of the new game is Lego Star Wars. Huh? sorry about this but after playing though Outlaws it seems even clearer than ever that George Lucas has gone insane. Especially after seeing Episodes 1 & 2. *shudder*. Coincidently, does anyone know how they plan to make a new Indiana Jones movie? Harrison Ford is getting a 'little' old now. And if they replace him with someone else, well, that's just stupid.
  • why the hell did Lucasrts feel the need to dop all their old game licenses? Now they seem to ONLY make star wars games! I'm especially mistified seeing as one of the new game is Lego Star Wars.
    As strange as this may be to believe, Lego Star Wars is not being developed OR published by LucasArts. If you look on their website, it's not even listed as one of their games. It's actually being published by Eidos, and developed by Traveller's Tales.
  • well they did it with bond for years. Jones needs to pass the torch. Kind of like how they were going to do with that other guy until he died. They could have something thats like 3 generations of the jones familiy in the movie or something like that and then let the other guy go off on his own adventure the next movie(s). Speaking of getting old jackie chan is getting old I wonder who will replace him.
  • Speaking of getting old jackie chan is getting old I wonder who will replace him.
    Yay for going offtopic. Tony Jaa is the new muay thai jackie chan in my mind. Watch Ong Bak (a great thai movie).
  • Nonetheless, urgh... Lego Star Wars... Who was the clever guy who thought up that? Is it just me or does everyone get about 1/3rd of the way through making an adventure game and then get bored? it's happened to me about 3 times now and i was wondering if i have a very small attention span or if it's just one of those things... you know? (Hey! at least i'm trying to get the thread back on topic!)
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    It's one sixth for me.
  • I think a lot of it comes down to the time you need to invest. I'm working on an rpg right now and I've noticed how easy it is to sink a couple hours into it without much thought. I'll have to get around to playing with that adventure game studio one of these days when I've got more time... along with those books I've been meaning to read and those games I've been meaning to play and that japanese I've been meaning to learn and......... I think we need 42 hour days then there might be enough time to cover what I want to get done
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    I think the biggest mistake someone can make when they single handedly create a game, is to set themselves a deadline. I know it kills me when I try to set one.

    Adventure games, (to me), just look like they take alot of time and organisation. I don't have the artistic skills required or the ability to run a team. So if I want to make a adventure game I'd have to join a existing team. I think that's the best way to suceed.

    By the way Alucard, I think your right. Life is a demanding mistress. That's the best thing about game design. You can drop away from reality, from life. She might be knocking at the door all night long, but nobody will be home. Infact, your half way to Peru by the time she busts open the door, knocks over all the precious china, trashes the furniture, throws out your mint condition star wars collectable figurines and screams out, " WHERE IS PUNY MAN!!!!!!!"
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    Burn, I so hear ya on that last one man.


    Anyhow, you are all leading towards a good point. Is there a place where aspiring adventure game makers can meet up and volunteer to work on games together? Is there an amateur/underground adventure game "community"? I'm curious as I was making a MUD once, and there is a good deal of support for that.

    (Also, in case my job here becomes...untenable...then it'd be good to know where to find minions to help me make my next big masterpiece.)
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    They aren't all great. I used to work for hero6 but no matter how good the work I submitted it wasn't exactly what they wanted. I was just as good as the admins for art and music and that shiz, but it wasn't the way they perfectly imagined it. It's exhausting and it isn't worth it. Unless you like being unappreciated and treated like soggy cat nipples. =P
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