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Favorite Moments

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For those of you who are here because you like the game, tell me your favorite moments/lines in the episodes to date. For example, one of my favorite lines is if you told the brothers that Lee is from Macon, upon meeting Brenda she replies "They grow 'em good there!"

What are yours?
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  • ruairi46;653461 said:
    Did you lick it?
    I don't know..
    Yeah, that was such a realistic kid response.
  • My favorite moment was when I told Kenny to kick Larry's ass.

    Even though I started to like Larry more than Kenny later on, this was still one of the most entertaining moments for me.
  • 1) Celm's mom on the answering Machine.
    2) Killing Danny(Andy?) mid-sentence.
    3) Kicking Andy(Danny?) into the fence.
    4) Shooting Jolene after you find out she thinks Clementine's hers.
    5) Lee's "You want to get Violent you Old Fuck!?" line.
    6) The part where the one Bandit Shotgun-Rain's the other one.
  • any moment a character states the blinding obvious..

    lee sayin to mark: what the hall happened to you legs man ?!

    kenny/katjaa asking is mark ok with an arrow in his shoulder.

    repost of my meme's




    image faked but still funny ;)

  • I liked Clem's puppy dog eyes, "Can I, can I please!" facial expression in the pharmacy office when she asks if she can help.
  • Right at the start after Lee goes to get the keys for the handcuffs: Officer? Goddamn!? Literally played that over and over again for 10 minutes.
  • Clem's "I dont know" is proably my favorite, but when first playing the first episode, killing the babysitter with the claw of the hammer, having it stick in her skull.. that was a OMG wow moment!

    Most games dont get so close-up graphic, that's one of the things I like best about this. It's a ZA, it should be over-the-top gorey!
  • lee: on the floor, against the cop car, has just shot the undead cop in the head.

    says: are you dead ? are YOU DEAD??!! pure lol moment

    wow mutt on the hammer meets babysitter scene on the i was almost cringing at the 4th and the 5th whack, like i put in a clem post/poll and the axe on lee's bro, really this many times ? how much longer till we stop ?

    another old meme repost methinks
  • doug: Lee,just incase we don't make,I think you're agreat guy
    lee: SHUT UP DOUG!!!
  • My favorite moment is truly going to be seeing this: episode 3 downloaded 100%
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